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DCAMU: Movie – 13 | Reign of Superman

The Reign of Superman movie follows immediately after the events that happened in Death of Superman Movie. In this 13th film, we explore a world where Superman has died and many others have taken on the mantle of Superman. Some have actual powers, while others use technology. People are unsure who to believe and who not to believe.

Lois Lane, on the other hand, is still trying to come to terms with Superman’s untimely death. When Superman/Clark Kent’s parents pay her a visit, she is inspired to pursue a story about the new heroes in Metropolis who claim to be the next Superman.

We see Lex Luthor in his own world, attempting to cope with Superman’s death while also believing that there is an impending threat following the death of the Man of Steel. Despite being Superman’s sworn enemy, Lex couldn’t cope with his death. What new danger awaits the citizens of Metropolis? How did they manage to stay alive? This movie answers all that questions for you.

This film inspired Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which follows the events that occur after Superman’s death and how his friends and other Superheroes who are close to him deal with his death. Although the endings of the two films differ, the central idea is drawn from this story, and the film is well-crafted.

Although we all know that a major Superhero is never dead in a comic book, my only complaint is that they could have kept it even more gripping. Nonetheless, the film addresses a variety of issues, including Who or What Defines a Superhero? What are people’s reactions to it? How do some powerful people persuade people to believe certain things? as well as a few others?

Overall, this is a very entertaining movie with an expected ending. Do watch it if you are looking for something light.

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P.S: There are 12 movies before this one and I’d highly recommend you to read them first, if it piques your interest do watch the movies (DCAMU 1DCAMU 2DCAMU 3DCAMU 4DCAMU 5DCAMU 6DCAMU 7DCAMU 8DCAMU 9DCAMU 10, DCAMU 11, DCAMU 12) and come back.

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