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DCAMU: Movie – 14 | Batman: Hush

Batman: Hush is probably one the best movies in the DC Animated Connected universe. Other movies are good, no doubt about that but this one takes the cake. Original Batman: Hush by Jeph Loeb was published way back on November 2005 and the Movie Writers made some changes to make it part of the DCAMU-connected universe.

The movie starts out with some mysterious and strange incidents happening in Gotham, Batman’s Rouges Gallery is let loose. Many such incidents happen across other simultaneously towns as well. While Batman and Catwoman get together to fight the crime. A criminal mastermind is behind all these incidents and he/she/they uses Batman’s friends, allies, and enemies to wreak havoc. Did Batman find that Mastermind? How did Batman’s relationship with Catwoman go? How did he stop all of the villains? The movie has all the answers in store.

The movie falls right into Batman’s forte, an action-packed, true blue Detective story We also get to see the emotional and romantic side of Batman. Every time the villain is a step ahead of Batman, it keeps the movie more interesting. What is better than having a villain who is smarter and keeps the hero on the edge?

I was so much reminded of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. Both stories bring out the best of Batman and his true detective skills into the front more than his other sides. Watching Batman do detective things is much more interesting than watching him fight criminals and his foes.

In spite of so many good things, the ending was meh! Sure Batman has a code to live up to but the writers could have thought of a much better ending. I heard even the Comics had a very bad ending (I haven’t read the comics though). Nevertheless, so far a more engaging DCAMU Movie if you ask me. Highly Recommended.

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P.S: There are 13 movies before this one and I’d highly recommend you to read them first, if it piques your interest do watch the movies (DCAMU 1DCAMU 2DCAMU 3DCAMU 4DCAMU 5DCAMU 6DCAMU 7DCAMU 8DCAMU 9DCAMU 10DCAMU 11DCAMU 12, DCAMU 13) and come back.

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