About Me

Who is Chennaikaaran?​

A guy from Palani who has made Chennai his home for the past 10 years. An ardent film buff, avid reader and loves everything Pop culture. I started blogging to share my opinions on Movies when some friends of mine were able to relate to the movie reviews I post and found them to correlate with their opinions. I started my blogging journey in 2011 and stalled it for a couple of years and started it back somewhere in 2015 and still trying to blog regularly.

I also tried my hands at starting a YouTube which I left it halfway through due to my laziness and now I have ventured into Podcasting which I really want to keep doing. Let’s see where it goes. A Sales guy by night and Blogger by day (Yeah! I work a Night shift job :P). From the time I started to blog I’ve tried my hands on different things right from Movie reviews, Book reviews, and event reviews then started shifting to Music-related blog posts. I try my best to experiment with my content. Certain stories of mine were received well but most haven’t.

Why Chennaikaaran you might ask?​

Well, not because I made Chennai my home but this sounds catchy. Hence 😛

You can reach me or share your feedback at chennaikaaranpodcast@gmail.com or on my other Social media handles.