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DCAMU: Movie – 15 | Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, takes us back to the time when Diana Prince, the Princess of Amazon decided to go to the “Man’s World” and help it become a better place. A few, years later Diana comes to live with Julia Kapatelis, who is very keen to know more about Amazon and the scientific discoveries done there. Julia’s daughter Vanessa is jealous and secretly hates Diana for stealing her mother from her. We are then introduced to the villains of the story, what they want and how Diana aka Wonder Woman saved the day follows the rest of the story.

When the movie started I was not sure where they were going with this because they went straight to Wonder Woman’s origin and how she came to be what she is today. We are almost at the fag end of the DCAMU universe and telling Wonder Woman’s origin didn’t make sense or fit into the narrative but over a course of the movie, we understood why that backstory was required.

While it was very easy to predict who must be the villain, the writers have put so much effort into masking the real villain, which adds more to the drama and tension. Somehow towards the climax, introducing one of the Monster figures from Greek Mythology seemed like they are trying too hard, all it did was made WW have some fights but didn’t add any value to the whole plot.

I liked the movie overall however I don’t see how they form into a connected universe if there is no connection at all. Just because all these stories happen in the Flashpoint Universe, can we call them a connected universe? The storylines don’t add up, all are fighting their individual fights except for maybe some JL and JL Dark stories.

Eagerly looking forward to watching Justice League Dark: Apocalyse War and how they are ending this whole universe. Maybe I watched these films in the wrong order? Or Should the studio have released the movies in the right order? I fail to understand. Have you watched this movie? What are your thoughts? Do share it in the comments.

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P.S: There are 14 movies before this one and I’d highly recommend you to read them first, if it piques your interest do watch the movies (DCAMU 1DCAMU 2DCAMU 3DCAMU 4DCAMU 5DCAMU 6DCAMU 7DCAMU 8DCAMU 9DCAMU 10DCAMU 11DCAMU 12DCAMU 13, DCAMU 14) and come back.


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