Baahubali 2 (The Conclusion) – Review

Always late to the party, I am. *Sigh* curse my laziness. A much-awaited movie of the year with lots of speculations, fan theories and heated discussions on “Why did Kattapa kill Baahubali?” On a positive side, I’ve seen such fan theories popping […]

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Oru Pada Paadal #2

When I decided to start this series all I wanted was to share the movies whose complete album have great songs but suddenly it struck me that every Music Director must have definitely be given a “Complete album hit” and I decided […]

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Kshanam – 2016 (Telugu)

India: A Land of different Colours, Religions, Languages and Cultures. Indians basically celebrate 3 things. Cricket, Politics and Cinema. One of the most selling point for many Media companies are these 3 things. We Indians debate, fight and wage war on these […]

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