Kshanam – 2016 (Telugu)

India: A Land of different Colours, Religions, Languages and Cultures. Indians basically celebrate 3 things. Cricket, Politics and Cinema. One of the most selling point for many Media companies are these 3 things.

We Indians debate, fight and wage war on these 3 things. I am not a great fan of Cricket and this might come as a surprise from an Indian. Yes, I hate Cricket because it is a boring game and I personally think of this Quote said by someone “A game were 11 fools play and 11 thousand fools watch” may be we can change the Thousand to crores.

Politics is very much controversial and yet can be discussed and debated but since, this blog is about Movie let’s not waste more time in these segregations. India consists of many wood’s in the Film Industry and all these wood’s are somehow or the other a Replica of Hollywood and infact this wood culture has come from Hollywood.

In India and outside India many think that “Bollywood” is the face of Indian Cinema and many of my Indian counterparts from the Northern part of the country (Oh! If, I say North Indians I become a racist but they can call us Madarasi’s, Barbarians, uncivilised and all sort of non-sense. So, with my uncivilised nature I would prefer to call them Indians who reside in the Northern part of the Country.. :P) are proud and they boast only Bollywood movies. So, as an Indian Citizen I would like to represent the Whole of Indian Cinema. I would be sharing my opinions of movies from different Language Movies I watch.

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I here by present you a Telugu Movie (Tollywood) Kshanam which has received rave reviews among Indians who reside Southern part of the Country.


What is so important to talk about this Movie?

Tollywood is famously known for its Masala movies with unearthly fight sequences with no such great or gripping Screenplay with the same old formula mixed with Family Sentiments with revenge stories or some RomCom’s.

But every Film industry has its breaking point and that particular film will be a Trendsetter for atleast some couple of years. Kshanam is one such movie with a great set of technicians accompanied with a good Story and a gripping screenplay. A movie without any big star nor an established director.

Kshanam caught my attention in a group where many such Movie fans like me discuss and share some Good movies and one such good soul shared about this movie and many others followed and shared their positive feedbacks. One fine Sunday I watched this movie with a hungry Stomach and I planned to cook after a while but trust me the Screeplay was so fast that I didn’t check the time and when nature called I had to stop and check the time I had watched almost half of the movie. Such an Interesting Screenplay it had without any boring moments at all.

Plot of this movie is pretty simple. A Girl calls her Ex-Boyfriend who runs a Investment firm in US asking for some help. When the guy comes to Hyderabad to enquire her issue she claims that her 5 Years old Girl was Kidnapped and none believes her stating that such character is not in their life but she believe that she has a Kid and she asks her Ex-boyfriend to help find her kid. rest of the story is all about how our hero unveils the mystery and finds the Kid.

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One more interesting thing about this movie is Hero do not show his Gym body nor this movie have any Item numbers but one heart touching Melody which doesn’t break the spirit of the movie and such movies are a great start for Tollywood Industry and fortunately people understood and appreciated the movie which is again a great sign.

Only when the movie ended I noticed that the Hero of this movie “Advi Sesh” is the Story writer and he also co-written the Screenplay and I wonder How Tollywood missed to utilise such talent for so many days but using him only for Small villain roles. Let’s hope to see much more path breaking movies from Telugu Film Industry and I would try my best to keep sharing more and more Movie reviews.

I strongly recommend this movie and it is worth 2:30 hours of your time.

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