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Let’s talk.. Some Food…..

Food… It touches our lives and everyone earns for a comfortable life and for a Good Food. Especially we Indians are crazy about food and we are addicted to it.

This blog is about Google for Food Search. Yes, you guessed it right “Zomato”

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Our lives in Urban India have completely changed by recent Indian Startup’s and Zomato plays a major role in “Food discovery”.

Zomato had created waves in Indian Media for its acquisitions and diversified services for quite some time. They have inspired many aspiring Indian Entrepreneurs and VC’s to turn towards Food Technology and I admire them for that. Now, India has lots of Food Tech Startup’s mushrooming in urban parts. Each urban city has at least 3 to10 Food Tech Startup’s and Zomato is the Inspiration because they made big and expanded to 22 odd countries.

Started in 2008 as “Foodie bay” by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in New Delhi (NCR). They broke even by 2010 and Info Edge invested in them. In the same year, they re-branded as Zomato.

From then they are growing in leaps and bounds. Between the years, 2011 and 2012 they expanded to UAE, South Africa, England, Philippines and Sri Lanka.

Between 2013 and 2014 they started acquiring foreign brands namely Cibando from Italy, Obedovat from Slovakia who was the Market leader there,  Lunchtime from Czech Republic, Gastronauci from Poland, Menumania from New Zealand, Mekanist from Turkey and Urban spoon from US and now Zomato has upper hand in US and Canada Market also in other markets of their acquisition. The acquisitions were made to expand their Restaurant discovery platform.

Recently, they acquired a Delhi based Maple POS for Restaurant management system called Zomato Base. They also own something called Zomato Book by acquiring Nextable from US for Table reservations. Yesterday they released Zomato Order for Home delivery services in NCR.

These guys are evolving and they wanted to create a situation such that when we think about Food Zomato is the first thing to come in mind and they are travelling towards it. They didn’t achieve it overnight but they made mistakes and learnt from every mistake they made going by the famous quote “Rome was not built in a day”.

Zomato reminds me of Reliance Industries at the beginning where Reliance started with Polyester business and they established their empire around that and recently they diversified to Retile Industry. But their core business is around Polyester with core and by-products of it.

Zomato is also trying to follow the same thing and in the next 10 years they will be the market leader in Food Industry and I wish they enter into each and every segment regarding food. They prove that anyone with a Good team and proper planning will lead to success. I wish them “All the Best” as an aspiring Entrepreneur.

Moral: Merely a startup will not fetch you money. You need to work your ass out to get such huge success.

P.S: I admire them as a great team and for proving that food listing will gain such a growth.

P.P.S: Couple of months back when I heard that Zomato had plans to enter Food Ordering segment one of my friends approached them with an idea of Food Ordering and didn’t get any response from them… 🙁

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