Fell between the Cracks – FDI

I hope every individual forgot this issue. Politicians and Media were debating seriously on this Topic for months and now we don’t bother about this issue because that’s how we are for so long. So, why am I reminding you of this now all of a sudden? There’s a reason. Our new government in the Centre has changed and they are coming up with lots of new campaigns. The major campaign focused is “Make in India” and to fuel it properly and in right direction government has announced FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) of 100% in many sectors. So, I believe many know the problem with FDI and its causes. My point is why shouldn’t our Government focus on encouraging Indian Entrepreneurs and Manufacturers instead of bringing Foreign Investment. We proudly say Indians are available worldwide and we have more brains than any country in the world. But still we would like to be slaves to foreign corporates and not Owners owning a Multinational company. Idea behind “Make in India” is to improve exports from India than Imports to India and the Government in Centre is focused on leveraging policies for Foreign Investments and subsides for them. If they do the same for Indian entrepreneurs and SME’s we can be the next great power and our country will turn “Developing Country” to “Developed Country”

P.S: I am not discouraging the efforts of New Government and its just an Idea of a Fellow Indian and an Individual thriving to become an Entrepreneur but unable to because of practical difficulties.

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