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Rains in Chennai
Chennai: People wade through flood waters in rain-hit Chennai on Thursday. PTI Photo (PTI12_3_2015_000383B)

We have been fighting in the name of Gods. We have been fighting in the name of Religion; We have been fighting in the name of Caste. We have been fighting in the name of Political parties, we fought amongst us supporting on behalf of our favorite actors and what not?

We were lethargic in protecting Mother Nature and we literally took everything for granted from Electricity, Water to wasting food. We made good old Koovam river into a filth and a place to dump our drainage. We never paid heed to the alarms of the Nature lovers or to our Morality. Human inside us was dying a slow death in the name of evolution and destroying everything, which connects us with nature.

We were into our own shells (Apartments) not knowing who our neighbors are? We dug ourselves into those Electronic gadgets and called that as Privacy. We lost people development skills, which by default we had in those good old days.

Then came the flood or should I call it Chennai floods?

All those materialistic pleasures which we loved, craved or just brought to show off our Social statuses didn’t come to our rescue when we were suffering for our lives but fellow humans extended their hands to rescue us from the floods, from hunger ,from being egotistical and most importantly these Chennai floods rescued the hidden humanity inside us and showed us real heroes. Hero’s are not born but they are made and this is one such incident. Chennai and its people stood against all odds and joined hands for a bigger cause of bringing the City back to life and the lives of fellow humans as well.

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After the Floods is one such book which recorded one of the finest history of Humanity restoration during December floods.

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Let the human inside stay alive and I hope this flood has taught us the greatest lesson.

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