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Asariri’s –A Short Story reading Session

Pleasant Saturday Morning in a beach there happened a session on Short Story reading by the authors themselves what more can I ask to Kick start my Positive Weekend?. Maathevan is the Organizer of this Event and Yes; it was totally a New and different experience for me. Thanks to CBC for notifying me about this and I am really grateful that I attended this event.

I reached there according to the Indian Standard time but they broke the rule and started it exactly on the mentioned time (6:00 AM) but we (Me and one of my Quora buddy Bharath) caught up right on time when Maathev was talking (although I couldn’t hear clearly).

We had 4 different Short Stories presented each telling some message to us and they were presented wonderfully as someone in the Feedback session said “Readers might think and imagine something on their own while reading the story but hearing it in Author’s voice we could feel their emotion play a major role in delivering the Story in much better way” and Yes, It was really great to hear the Author’s themselves reading with all the emotion they wrote their Stories.

I am not really going to spoil the Stories, which were presented, but I really loved the way they were presented and every other person shared a unique perspective with their Stories.

Writer’s Irony by Madhumitha

Break-up by Avinash

ICU by Atul

Adhivegan (Tamil) by Madevraj)

 We also had a Storyteller Vidhya who was sharing her experiences about being a Story teller and the nuances of Storytelling. She was excited about her passion and Story telling to Kids and by sharing her experience I understood that Story telling is not a Cake walk but its an art and one should really work so hard to make the listeners feel the intensity of the Story and most important for Kids to grasp it really takes lots of homework.

We also had 2 other Gentlemen who were from Kuvikam which again is a Bloggers group where they conduct various events like Story reading sessions, Story telling sessions and much more. They have invited us to attend a Story telling session as a listener and I am really excited to attend that event as well.

Take away: The mere idea of this Story telling session itself is fascinating and as Maathevan rightly said “People out there Write so much and they are really not sure if, people read or not. We are trying to create a platform where more such people will Write just because it gives them confidence that someone is there to listen to their stories” and I completely agree with him and even I started thinking of various stories which came up in my head on spot and I am really not sure if, I can live up to the expertise of the others there.


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