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That camp “Above the clouds”

I, for once in my life wanted to do a camping trip but I don’t know the basics of mounting a tent nor any offbeat places where I could go and camp all by myself or with a set of friends. When a friend of mine went to a Beach camp with Exoticamp, it piqued my interest and I asked her about them. So, here I am posting about my experience with Exoticamp and their Vagamon – Camp above the clouds.

Vagamon Lights 😛 (Shot in iPhone 6 Plus)

The introvert in me took a front seat after I boarded the bus and I was silent throughout the journey to Kumily. When I boarded the bus there were already few and luckily one of my friends boarded the bus already and another friend of mine boarded the bus with me, so it was a little more easy for me. I should definitely appreciate the organisers for breaking the ice and making all of us comfortable.

2nd day Morning on the Camp. (Shot in iPhone 6 Plus)

Our itinerary for the day (Saturday) was we were dropped at Kumily. We got refreshed in a nearby hotel, had Kerala special chaaya. Though I missed Puttu and kadala curry the breakfast was good there. We then boarded jeep to reach the base camp. What I liked about this whole Exoticamp is that they are flexible in their itinerary, unlike others. I understand many would like to stick to the itinerary but for various reasons, it is good which also allowed us to enjoy a Waterfalls on our way to the Basecamp. We also stopped by in few places to click beautiful pictures.

Once we reached the Basecamp we were welcomed with Biscuits and hot chai again. While we were having it our Organisers told about the Private Waterfalls. Although my friend has already told about that and I started capturing that beautiful Waterfall which also had a small natural pool. We jumped into it and then the actual fun began.


Once we came back we were served with Kerala style food with Rice and Fish Gravy 😀 and the best part was our walk to the camp. I’m lost in words to explain that whole walk, from basecamp to the camp it was close to a kilometre (If I am not wrong) and the whole path was covered with mist. I enjoyed that walk to my fullest because that experience was just amazing.

Once we reached our campsite the view was breathtaking. Others and I tried to explore the place. Also, the place was completely covered with mist although I felt like being in between the clouds. While we came back our Organisers were preparing noodles for us to savour (Just snacks you see :P) them.


Later that night we had stomach-full food and started camp-fire and then started the series of one more ice-breaking session with usual Campfire funda along with Ghost stories. Thus our day ended and we dispersed to our respective tents. Next day we woke up went back to the Waterfalls and started back home 🙁 This trip was so fun that I forgot how time flew.


One good thing happened to me after the trip was I got allergic to regular usage of Electronic gadgets. I was away from all Social media. Except for work I didn’t use any of my gadgets, such the effect of this camp on me.

…and… and don’t worry about the safety part they got it covered. The Exoticamp team are hellbent on that and I saw that from the way they executed it. Just go there, throw away your phone (Metophorically though :P) enjoy the scenic and pleasant camping experience, rejuvenate yourself and go back to your work afresh.

Happy camping and happy travelling 🙂




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October 20, 2017 at 6:16 pm

sir, they have portable bathrooms/toilets set up in the camp-site??

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