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Mystery in the Metaverse – Book Review

Note: I received a free copy of this e-book through Booktasters in return for an honest review.

Damien Zilli, CTO of Energence AI is missing. Asher Bloom an FBI agent arrives at Silicon Valley’s most intriguing Bungalow to investigate this Puzzle. What he uncovers is one of the most mysterious and powerful hackers the world has witnessed and on the other hand, someone is targeting a Cult that is in the process of creating a first Sentient A.I. God. Did Asher Bloom solve the puzzle or did he get caught into the mystery himself? You’ll have to read this book to know more.

Author: Nick Airus Language: English No. of Pages: 296 Format: eBook Genre: Sci-Fi, Whodunit

What I loved the most about this book is that the Author takes real-world Technologies/Companies and weaves a very interesting Sci-fi Thriller. You’re on the edge of your seat trying to understand everything that’s happening and there is also a danger with this book. If this book gets into the hands of Conspiracy theorists they’ll have a field day with it.

The novel delves deeper into some of the emerging technologies right now amongst us and also some of the Technologies that are in the R&D stage from the Big Tech giants. For someone who started staying away from emerging Technologies gave me a sense of threat at what these organizations can do or the Individuals and techno elites can exploit the knowledge and the powers vested in them. All I’m hoping is that the things happening in the book shouldn’t come true.

I would call this book a Philosophical Twin of “Ready Player One”, even though I haven’t read the book, I have watched the movie, and some of the things from the book reminded me of this movie. Unfortunately, I can’t reveal anything more than this since it will be a spoiler and might hinder your reading experience.

One thing, I would say is, please go grab “Mystery in the Metaverse” and get indulged into the world of Technology, AI, and mystery. I’m really curious to read other works of Nick Airus. If I do read his other books, I’ll write a detailed review of them as well.

Happy Reading ????

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