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Koko – Life of a Hen (A Pantomime)

A Stageplay has never been my fortè because the Visual medium (Movies and TV) took over my childhood. In fact, I have never gone to a stage play before in my life and this Pantomime was my official first. I rather got lucky to attend the Pantomime, thanks to CBC for getting me a pass to attend. I even wanted to attend Ponniyin Selvan stage play but it got postponed for the past 2 years let’s see if, I could attend least this year.


First appreciation goes to the actors and man, they are hellbent to make sure whatever they do are perfect and a small mishap might make the entire show laughable. I’m unable to capture the original names of the actors (Poor memory you see!). In a scene where Chikki and its egg had to face a storm whereas other 3 human friends had to go save it. In spite of no actual storm, the actors made sure it looked like one and they are struck by it. I sat straight and made sure to watch every detail of the Pantomime without missing from then.


The story was simple but the team came up with a fantasy moral story to indulge the kids in it. During the play, there was a kid sitting behind us and he literally was standing and watching the play with utmost enthusiasm. The whole MacTrics team succeeded in doing so because it is for kids and also for the grownup kids (Parents I meant:-P). It is a herculean task to keep the Parents and kids hooked up to the entire play. I believe the whole team has done justice to it.


I should also definitely appreciate the Music director, singer and the Lyricist for beautifully presenting it. I loved the voice of the singer he is very much talented and if, I am not wrong he was the composer. Another thing I loved is during the climax they had to show two conversations happening in different places. They beautifully used the lightings to cut appropriately and continued the conversations (Well, this being my first play apologise for few things which some might feel exaggerated but I was completely astounded).


All the best to Shraddha Theaters and MacTrics for taking this Pantomime to Schools and hope all the Parents and kids would learn something from it. If, at all, you get to know about this Pantomime in your city please don’t hesitate but book the tickets right away. It’s worth it.


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