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Street Food at its best – OMR

Best way to enter a Man’s heart is through his Stomach

I like this statement because Food is the essence of life and for a person like me Who try experimenting in food (Well, I don’t cook :P) an Organised Food Street where I can get Global Cuisine would be wonderful.

When Chennai Bloggers Club was invited by OMR Food Street management for tasty session with the fellow Bloggers I immediately grabbed the opportunity because a good food with some like minded people would be fun and I was not ready to miss that.

OMR Food Street – Where different restaurants serves multiple cuisines under one roof and to know more about them Please visit their webpage here.



When I entered the Food street I felt like a “Kid walking into a Candy Store” unable to decide where to start finally I made my move.




Pros: A Non-veg outlet. This beauty here dragged me to the store and trust me for Rs.80, Shawarma taste amazing and in the recent times this is the best Shawarma I had. The Shawarma was properly rolled and as you see here it was so tempting to eat and the meat was juicy enough for me to enjoy the snack. Thankfully it was not tummy filling because I had to raid other outlet.

Cons: I understand calling it a Organised Street food means something that the place should at least be a little clean and that’s what we expect. A Paper plate along the Shawarma roll will be good because holding a hot Shawarma is really hard.


Major reason of attraction was Kuzhi Paniyaram and to my surprise they had varieties of Kuzhi paniyaram. So, my friend ordered Cheese Paniyaram to be on a safer side.

When I was eagerly waiting with my drooling mouth we received a plate of normal Paniyaram where cheese was grated and spread on top of them which was a big let down also the Paniyarams were not as fluffy as they are supposed to be.

Cheese Kuzhi Paniyaram cost Rs.60 and it is clearly over priced :/

Bits & Bites:



Indo-American Snacks (That’s what I call them) are always on my list whenever I go out because they are Quick bites and doesn’t fill the tummy but our hunger reduces to some extent.

I was keen on trying some Cheese based varieties that day and well Corn Cheese Nuggets was that day’s one of the Specials. Hence, I tried that yet, again I was disappointed because cheese was not heated properly. Another big disappointment for that day.



My long lasted dream (:P) of eating Tacos was rectified that day. Tacos was fresh and neatly placed with fresh vegetables with Mayonnaise. I completely enjoyed the Tacos which had the Indian touch in it.


Thattu Vadai Touch:

During my College days me and my friends wanted to start this Thattu vadai set shop because we saw a great potential small business it had but unfortunately we couldn’t start. I searched around Chennai but couldn’t find Thattu vadai anywhere and finally I found it here.

To the name they didn’t disappoint me with the taste and instead of bigger sized Thattu Vadai they served small ones and they are absolutely Pocket Friendly and tastier.



Oasis Cool Inn:


After tasting different varieties of tummy filling food a dessert would always help us to regain the life of our taste buds if, some food doesn’t satisfy them. So, myself, Megha and Bharathi (My friends) ordered Jeera Lime, Sweet Lassi and Fruit Salad with Ice cream and they were good. Fruit Salad with Ice cream was neatly presented.



  • A washroom would be really good and whoever visiting not necessarily are from the surrounding area.
  • Finding water is really tough. A Water can for 2 outlets will be a good addition
  • Few outlets are not clean which should really be taken care of.

Apart from small issues and disappointments OMR Food Street is really a happening place on Weekends and my suggestion would be to visit after 7 PM so that you would be luck enough to try all the outlets there.

Happy eating.. πŸ™‚


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July 29, 2016 at 9:43 am

Written very well ! πŸ™‚

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