Puthiya Niyamam -2016 (Malayalam)

Malayalam Film Industry has its own set of Genres where they shine quite well. Once Thriller movies and Art Films were the identity for Malayalam Film Industry and at times we could also come across some Rom-Com’s.

Every Film Industry will go through a New wave and an Younger generation directors will take that Film Industry to next level. One such wave has hit the Malayalam film industry which is filled with young directors, actors and other technicians. To name few known movies from the Malayalam film industry are Bangalore Days, Thattathin Marayathu, Premam, Oru Vadakkan Selfie etc., all these movies are feel good ones with a tinge of Family drama added to it.

To compete with younger generations directors who stay in the film industry for a longer time has to think out of the box and execute the movie really well. At the same time these older generation directors also has to think of the themes which either should be a Trend setter or at least should fit the current trend. One such movie is Puthiya Niyamam.

Puthiya Niyamam not only has the most known and famous actors but also has the fantastic BGM’s and Cinematography. Mammooty aka Mammooka and Nayanthara played lead roles in the movie. In my personal opinion Nayanthara out shined Mammooty in this movie also the Director portrayed Nayanthara as the major role and Mammooty as a Supporting role which is very rare in any Indian Film Industry because with a Mega Star in the picture they demand more Screen space and a lead role. I like Malayalam film industry and the actors for this adjustments and playing the roles of What the story demands.

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I think I’ve given enough introduction here. Lets get back to the business.

Basically Puthiya Niyamam means New Law and one of my Friends told me that Nayanthara played as a Victim of Rape and when you match the title and the major lead’s character I was expecting some slow movie were “The Heroine would die and the hero would call upon Media and organise rallies and dharnas” as they show in few Hindi movies like “No one Killed Jessica” and “Sathyagraha” etc.,

But damn it was a revenge drama. I personally felt the Screenplay and the ideas of revenge were very poor and not to mention in every Malayalam Thriller movie they will break the suspense only at the end and it wasn’t a surprise for me to witness that in this movie.

Why did I even choose this movie if, it was pathetic? Because the concept of rape and youngsters getting addicted to Pots and unleashing their animal out. One more thing which I really didn’t like in this movie is the way the Victims of rape should act. Can’t they just go ahead and tell the man of the family? Just hell with the society.

A Women who is affected should be taken care off but not thrashed. Obviously the heroine didn’t share this dreaded incident to her husband. But it is not right. I understand the commercial purpose of telling the story but shouldn’t it be atleast a lesson to others? Everyone take a lesson from Movie because it is a big medium and not to mention Mega Star of Malluwood is there and a good message could have been passed. Director literally screwed the opportunity.

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One time watchable but I would suggest not to take the ideas of revenge from the movie which is laughable.

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