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Ooru Peru Bairavakona – Movie Review

Fantasy and Telugu Cinema are inseparable, right from the times of Vittalacharya to today’s Vi Anand, Telugu cinema is filled with a lot of writers who have a good grip on writing Fantasy stories and add Horror and Comedy to the mix then you’ve got your perfect commercial concoction of a movie. Ooru Peru Bairavakona falls right in between all this and did the movie live up to the Telugu Movie standards?

Cast: Sundeep Kishan, Kavya Thapar, Varsha Bollamma, Harsha Chemmudu, Vennala Kishore, Vadivukarasi, Brahmaji and many more
Crew: Vi Anand (Writer, Director), Bhanu Bogavarapu (Story), Raj Thota (Cinematography), Chola K Prasad (Editor), Shekar Chandra (Music) and others

Basava (Sundeep Kishan) is a Stunt double and we are introduced to him as he is locked in a room with a lot of Jewels and the crowd outside vying for his blood. He takes the jewels puts them on, covers himself with a fireproof suit, and escapes (which I must say is a cool way to Introduce your protagonist) and meets his friend John (Harsha Chemudu) while they are fleeing the crowd and the Police alike they see Geeta (Kavya Thapar) who is met with an accident on the side of the road and takes her along for treatment. Suddenly, they change the path and end up in a mysterious Village Bairavakona. Why is the Village mysterious? How did they end up there? and Is there a connection between the Lead and this village? forms the rest of the Story.

While Vi Anand manages to write an interesting story he fails miserably with the film’s treatment. The movie is set in a Linear fashion, and whenever the lead talks about Bhoomi (Varsha Bollamma), we are jump cut into the flashback.

Ooru Peru Bairavakona is all about deception be it your Hero Basava who deceives people as a stunt double or Geetha who deceives Highway passersby with Chicken Blood with a damsel-in-distress ploy or Bhoomi’s intentions which are hidden in the box of bones or even the town Bairavakona is a deceptive town in itself. Each of these individuals’ deception brings them to this deceptive town.

What irked me the most was that most of them in the town know Basava and how he wound up there, however, they chose to not reveal it in the first half but in the second half. This is very convenient writing Vi Anand and lacks imagination. Also, when will Telugu cinema, or any Indian Cinema for that matter is going to stop writing openly misogynistic comical characters for the sake of a few laughs? Please don’t tell me that Character belongs to a different era, that’s just an easy way to get away from criticism.

While Ooru Peru Bairavakona starts off with an interesting premise the lackluster and lazy writing in most parts puts you off and you’re forced to watch the rest of the movie in 2X speed. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind watching a mindless Fantasy Telugu movie on a lazy Sunday afternoon then this movie is for you otherwise, you can skip this movie.

This movie is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Until, next time, Ciao ????

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