My Tinder Experiment


After really frustrating one year usage of Tinder and not getting a Match made me feel like a Loser.. 😛 I know I can hear voices calling me crazy but tell me being a guy and not being accepted by any women (Arey! C’mon Women have become choosey and they want only Good looking guys even to chat. I have clearly mentioned that I am not looking for hookups or Flings but just a Coffee and a Good Conversations yet I was not a right match to any.. uff!)

I’ve went into depression mode (Not Literally though). I’ve come across many Profiles of Women who have mentioned they are not looking for a Date nor a Fling but a casual conversation why should they even reject a guy who is dark but Like minded? Ok Let’s say they might have thought I am not Broad minded still I’ve mentioned that I am one still no go. I understood that Tinder is all about Face value and no Girl is ready to match that guy, Start a Conversation with him and finally share the number. Note: Until and unless one gets matched they cannot talk to the Opposite Gender and one do not have a feasibility to track that person or find their Contact number.

Even after all these features which keeps some creeps under check Women are not ready to chat with guys like me (Good guys like me I meant.. 😛 and no pun intended). To all the beautiful girls Not all the fair skin guys are good and not all the dark skin guys are bad.. *Sigh*

Now, being all said I wanted to try my luck and I deleted my Current account and created a Fake one or Should I say I changed few minor details. 1st Changed my Profile Picture to some Handsome North Indian Model (Well they are basically wheatish).

2nd – Added to my Profile that I am an NRI 😛 and I am in Chennai on a Business trip.

Voila! I got 3 matches in a day.. 😛 I initially didn’t want to break the Ice but being a Good soul 😛 I couldn’t start a relationship (Friendship also falls under a relationship right?) hence I broke the Ice to one really beautiful girl. I told everything and luckily she wasn’t mad at me (Yeah! Why will she even?) and to my surprise she told the reason and unmatched me :P. I can hear all the Curious minds about the reasoning part She said she has lots of Average looking friends and she is in Tinder for finding a Date and start a Relationship (In this case it is Love!) and she is not ready to start a relationship with a Lie.. *Puppy face* and she unmatched me… 🙂

Now, I broke the ice to the 2nd girl and wait she also had a beautiful Pictures of hers and she was not mad and she continued the Conversation with me.. 😀 We shared some basic pleasantries and chatting with her on Tinder.

Waiting for the 3rd Girl’s reaction……

When I broke the Ice to the 2nd Girl I edited my DP and Profile details back. Now, to all Judgemental heads who wanted to ask me “Why I insist on mentioning about beautiful girls?” because they are beautiful and they fell for that NRI part and Wheatish colour but not the actual colour. I am not asking for beautiful girls alone “I SWIPE RIGHT ALL THE PROFILES WHICH I SEE” Mind you!

Well, someone wanna call me crazy go ahead! India is the biggest racist country in the World and I am not discriminating Woman alone but Men are even worse both of them at fault and I don’t know when people are going to respect the person instead of their Colour and Physique.. *Sigh*

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September 26, 2016 at 11:42 am

Firstly, I so agree with you about the physical appearances part. Have myself faced that a lot, though not in colour but surely in other aspects. And not just colour, but caste, profession. Enjoyed reading about your Tinder experience. Have never been on Tinder for obvious reasons, though I completely enjoy reading about the varied experiences from other people. 😀
Thanks for the follow.

    September 26, 2016 at 11:46 am

    I am glad that you enjoyed the post and I deleted my Tinder account later which is of no use anyways… My pleasure I got to follow your blog..:) It’s great and keep writing..:)

January 16, 2017 at 5:00 pm

Guys, I have no clue about these application algorithms but I do know about the color discrimination in the nation.
I believe the people are being discriminated based on color right after aryan invasion.(btw nice subject to do research upon). That’s why fair&lovely and Fair and hansome still survive in market and do business in millions.

What I would like to say is , recently I saw an ad of banjaras who came up with a face “Dark is beautiful” I wish you will enjoy the concept.Do watch that.

Varun Kannan

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