2019 – Year in Review and 2020 Updates

Howdy people!!! Wish you all a very Happy New year 2020. Ah! I know what you are thinking, it has been more than 10 days after the New year started and only now I am wishing. Well, I was kinda busy and this blog post should have supposed to be out in the first week itself but it is quiet unfortunate that I’m releasing it very late. Well, I never had a plan of writing this post in the first place but I would like to inform my readers about my year previous year and also some updates for the current year.

Bullet Journaling

To begin with, If you remember I posted about Bullet Journaling as my resolution for the year. To be quite frank, I didn’t keep up with the Journaling part. I did it in bits and pieces but I did. I didn’t do it regularly. For one month I would regularly do but another month I wouldn’t, this went on but I got the nuances of doing it regularly and from the beginning of 2020, I got a New Bullet Journal and I made it a habit of spending atleast 5 minutes of my time when I wake up. I am hoping to be more productive and organised this year as well.

Becoming a Parent:

Well, My wife and I were expecting a baby but truth be told we both weren’t ready. We were scared to the core because having a baby s additional responsibility and we both should be even more responsible and mature, because we don’t want our baby to suffer from bad parenting. We did have/had our flaws but we both are working towards being a better parent and hopefully we will be a good and supportive parent. I have written my experience as a father when our son “பேரெழிலன்” (Perezhilan) reached 100 days of entering int this world. We have only recently named him.


I’ve been interested to start my own Podcast channel which happened on 2018 end and I promised myself to upload something regularly but as always I started it enthusiastically and didn’t continue doing it. I planned for a series, I just started off well and I was also received well but couldn’t do due to various reasons. But at the fag end of the year after I borrowed a Mic from a friend it pushed me into guilty conscious and I started another series “வாரம் ஒரு சினிமா” aka One Movie a week and finished 4 episodes as of this week and you can expect my Podcast episodes regularly. Be Warned the Podcast is in Tamil my Mother tongue. 🙂 This was the first ever episode I recorded along with my good friend Gopal. Do listen to it if you know the language and looking forward to hearing from you some responses, be it criticism or suggestion I would love to hear it out.


As you know very well, I was blogging on and off. I occasionally wrote but not regularly and in the Second half of the year I was a bit regular in writing. I’ve written 21 Blog posts last year and I intend to write more this year as well. If I didn’t write for a week, I would compensate by writing 2 blogs the next week. That’s the plan of action I will follow this year. Also, I revived A to Z Blogging Challenge 2018 and I really wanted to finish it before the end of the year but I couldn’t. I will sure finish the rest 7 posts in the challenge.

Inktober and 100 Days 100 Songs:

How could miss mentioning about the best productive month I had in this blog post? Yes, October was much more productive for me than I expected, which I have written a separate blog post and I also mentioned about posting 100 songs on my Instagram stories, which I successfully did. Yes, I didn’t post for some days but I caught up and finished it. Here is the playlist of those 100 Songs for you. Happy Listening and Watching.

Plans for the New Year 2020

  • My Blog post will not be available on WordPress and I am planning to move to my own domain. Watch out for an update on that.
  • Once I finish the rest 7 blog posts on A to Z Challenge 2018, I have something special and close to my heart, Which is writing about the Villains of DC Universe. I will take one Superhero and write about every other Villains he/she fought with. Most of know only a few or couple of the famous villains but wouldn’t have heard of the others. The Villains series would fulfill that.
  • On the Podcasting front, I will keep releasing one New episode on “One Week a Movie Series” on every Friday. I missed being consistent when I started my YouTube channel and I don’t want to commit the same mistake yet again. With regards to the “Women in Tamil Cinema Series”, Yes, I am planning to revive that as well. Once, I have settled down a bit I will focus on doing that as well simultaneously.
  • As far as Book reading challenge is concerned last year I finished 26 Books out of 30 Books on my Goodreads and this year I haven’t increased the number of books to be read, because as much as the number of books I want to read, I don’t want to read for the sake of it but enjoy reading. So, I’m going to keep it simple. The moment I read the number of books or exceed it I will increase the numbers, else I won’t 🙂

That’s all folks from my end. Hope, you had a great 2019 and planning to achieve more this year. I wish you all success in your endeavors and succeed in whatever you aim to do. Thank you everyone for encouraging me, supporting me and giving constructive criticism on my blog which helped me improve my writing. Once again wish you all a Marvelous New Year 2020. 😀

A Salesperson by profession. I write about Movies, TV Shows, and Books. I plan to write and publish every week but often I give reasons to not write. Finding my way through exploring writing something else away from my comfort zone.


January 13, 2020 at 5:46 pm

All the best for2020 . May all your wishes come true and all your goals be achieved. Love to பேரெழிலன். God bless.

Gayathri Lakshminarayanan
January 21, 2020 at 7:39 pm

Congrats on becoming a dad and all the goals you have set for yourself. I need to hear the podcast with GK. Happy New Year!

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