My Favourite Podcasts – 2019

Heyloo everyone. Happy to get connected with you again through my blog post. As many of you know I got introduced to the world of Podcasts in the late 2018 and I started my own. From that time on I got indulged very much in listening to Podcasts and I have also started pestering people to listen to some of the Podcasts I love. Last year when I gave some Podcast Recommendations, I was sure people are going to like my recommendations. I even posted half-yearly Podcast recommendation blog post. Why am I telling this story? Well, many liked my recommendations and they did recommend some too, unfortunately after my Half-yearly recommendation I didn’t get much chance to explore or listen to Podcasts regularly. I only managed to listen to the episodes of Podcasts which I was listening to earlier. Hence, the title but do not worry I do have discovered couple of Podcasts which I will definitely mention.

Philosophize this

This one still continuous to be my favourite Podcast. I have learned so much from this Podcast and still reminiscing what I learnt about Philosophers, Philosophy and the history behind. There is so much one can learn from this Podcast. If you like Philosophy or not, please do listen to this Podcast just for the was the host narrates the events and shares the thoughts through these stories.

The Film Riot Podcast

This Podcast is all about inspiring aspiring film makers, not just the directors but people who wanted to be part of the Film Industry. I used to watch Ryan Connolly’s Film Riot YouTube videos to understand the technology and techniques behind film-making. When they announced their Podcast I was quick to jump on to listen to their episodes. I’ve never missed even one of their episodes and every time we listen to the story of the guests we get inspired, we learn something from them. That’s the kind of Podcast this has grown to be.

Crazy Genius Podcast

Derrick Thompson of The Atlantic, hosts this show and this year they returned with the Third season. “Unbreak the Internet” was the theme of this year’s season. They touched upon Privacy, Pornography, Right wing activism, Surveillance, Influencers life, Criminal Justice System (America) and Netflix. Every topic and the Pro’s and Con’s discussed by the experts were fascinating. If, you haven’t heard of this Podcast please to subscribe to them and I’m sure you will like.

HBR’s After Hours Podcast

The three Harvard Business School Professors who host’s this show never fails to cease one’s attention. The amount of analogies and discussions they bring on to the table is fantastic. Most of the times they don’t agree with each other but they still maintain that decorum of respecting each other’s views. This Podcast is not only for people who are interested to know about How businesses work but also different perspectives.

Who Shot Ya?

When I started listening to this Podcast it was hosted by Ricky Carmona, April Wolfe and Alonso Duralde but looks like this trio isn’t hosting anymore. Well, as I mentioned earlier I wasn’t able to listen to the Podcasts regularly and there are so many backlogs which I have to catch up to. So, the reason for me recommending this is because of the different perspective they give. Usually most of the reviews were given by Straight White American dude but here you get varieties of opinions like you have a Gay person,a Black Women, an Asian women, a Comedian on the show. So, we also get to listen to their perspectives and how they approach a movie and how they value some sentiments and fathom some.

Caliphate and Serial Podcasts

These do doesn’t come under the same Podcast production house but they both are of Investigative Journalism genre Podcasts. Caliphate is about the ISIS where Pulitzer nominated Journalist Rukmini takes us along with her into the heart of ISIS operations and much more shocking discoveries.

The Serial Podcast is about taking a case and investigating from the scratch. This year they came back with third season and they focused on the Courts of US. How the Judicial system works there, their flaws and some more stories. These two Podcasts are very interesting. One will crave to listen to more to these stories even though they are so gut wrenching, the way they narrate should be applauded.


This Podcast was started very recently and a very close friend of mine is part of the founding team, that’s how I got introduced to this Prodcast. Well, you might ask why you should listen to this Podcast, I’m not recommending this just because a friend of mine is part of this but they do conduct stellar interviews. Yes, this Podcast is all about people behind amazing products, Authors of books who talks about Product Management, Product Marketing and much more. They are doing some amazing work by identifying companies and Entrepreneurs who are passionate about bringing great products which are Customer centric. Give this Podcast a try and I’m sure you will like them.

That’s all from my end folks. These are some of my favourite Podcasts I loved listening to and gained some knowledge out of them. Please do give them a try and What are the Podcasts you are listening to? Which are your favourites? Do, comment and let’s start talking there. 🙂

Happy Listening 🙂

P.S: Well, after writing about Podcasts it would be unfair for the poor me who started Podcasting recently (Consistently :P). Be warned, my Podcast is in Tamil and it is about movies. You can listen to my Podcast here Chennaikaaran Tamil Podcast is the name and you can find it in all your favourite Podcast apps. 🙂

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