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Hello, How have you all been? Long time. I hope every one of you is gearing up to face the end of this year 2018 and planning to add something to your goals or Wishlist. All the best to all those things you are planning to do for the next year.

One thing I’m very proud of doing in 2018 was starting to listen to Podcast. Most of my daily work routine these days involves a lot of travelling. I used to listen to music but when one of the most famed YouTube Channel Film Riot announced their Podcast, I was very excited because I’ve been meaning to start listening to the Podcasts and explore that area of Infotainment for a long time. Well, now I have officially entered into the World of Podcast and I’ve even started my own (#Marketing). One of the major problems I found with Podcasts is that it is a Pandora box and for beginners like me it will really be hard to find a good Podcast where you can find yourselves connected.

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