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Illuminati – 2

Here goes the continuity of Illuminati’s. So, we all know why we celebrate May day? We all say its workers day. But the truth is the founder of “BAVARIAN ILLUMINATI” Adam Weishaupt* wrote master plans regarding Illuminati’s goals which started on 1770’s and ended on May 1st 1776. So, this “Completing master plan eve” is celebrated by Illuminati’s as May day and when it went worldwide they found a different reason naming Workers day.

Now, let us go into some interesting facts. Do you people remember in 17th century who were the great powers? Yes, you are correct Britain and France. So, Illuminati’s found that these two countries are strong and chose to rule the entire world.

Here there is suspense. The ideology of these Illuminati’s is to chose their Ruler by their strengths. They say only because of this ideologies the World Wars begun. But we are not sure how far it is true. In our History and civics books we learnt some political reasons but do we know how far our books give us a true information because of Political Issues in our county.

Alright let me come back to the point. Before going ahead I would like to tell you a important info about these people. Illuminati’s are the one just like spy we don’t know whether they belong to such group. If I am not wrong most of came to know about Illuminati from the movie “ANGELS AND DEMONS”. Damn my post is waving out somewhere still I wanna let you people know about these information.

So, these Illuminati’s be a master minded made countries fight each other which the world named as “WORLD WAR 1”. Since I learnt History with lots of effort I really don’t remember which countries participated in World wars but still Somehow I m managing. So, Illuminati’s tried to bring Britain and France as a Great World Powers and they succeeded somehow. But these Russians did not come into their limit. Illuminati’s wanted Russia also to join hands with France and Britain. But Russians (USSR will be the correct word) did not go with Illuminati’s.

Currently Illuminati’s headquartered in U.S.A because they are the world power now. So, now everyone will understand why Americans always comment on Russia. Still, they wanted to create a war between Britain and France. But they cannot succeed in their plan so they tried to formulate a different strategy. Will continue that in my next post.**

* – Adam Weishaupt – He is the founder of Illuminati.

** – This complete Illuminati thing may b true or don’t even exist. But there are some investigated evidences available. So, it is necessary for u all to believe it. You may read this as some information or a Fictional story and its up to you.

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