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Illuminati – 3

In my previous post about Illuminati’s we were discussing about World wars and other stuffs. This week I got something interesting for you.

As every groups have their own symbols. Our Illuminati’s also got their own symbols.

  1. Numbers – 3, 13, 6, 9, 33. If some companies or personalities show these numbers or if any brands have added these numbers in their Logos they may be a part of Illuminati.
  2. A pyramid with Eye on top.
 3. 3 Stars, 9 Stars, 13 Stars.

Actually these are the Symbols of Illuminati’s.

I’ve got some examples also for that.

U.S.A Dollar – Just checkout they have given you a very brief explanation what is there is U.S.A Dollar

CNN Channel – I think every one would have heard about this channel rite??

Do u think how CNN belongs to Illuminati?? Hang on and checkout the next picture.

So people could you identify the no.3 in their Logo. They may also be the part of Illuminati’s.

Much more interesting facts about these Illuminati are available. So, to know more about them keep reading my blog.

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