I am posting this after months. So I thought why shouldn’t I make my post more special. Most of my friends said that my presentation about Illuminati was good. So,  why don’t you make others know about it. So I decided to post about this. By the way I took a presentation session about Illuminati in my college.

So people do you know what is Illuminati? Does it sound very different? Does anyone know what a Secret Society is? If, yes then you will love to read this post. Even if not, you will love it because of human’s curious nature to read conspiracy’s. Illuminati is one of its kind.

First Let me give you a brief Introduction about Illuminati. It is a movement found on 1776 by a Bavarian “Adam Weishaupt”.  Bavaria is a German state located in South East part of the country. Since it was found in Bavaria they called it as a “Bavarian Illuminati”. Illuminati is a name derived from Latin which means “Enlightened”.

Illuminati’s are Anti-Christ, some say they are atheist and some others say they don’t believe in god but nature is the only super power and there are many who believe Illuminati’s are against god but believers of Science.

But the ultimate motivation of Illuminati’s is they should bring the entire world under single ruler which is called as “New World Order”. Now Illuminati’s are trying to execute the New World Order and friends do know something the series of attacks are not just a terrorist attacks around the world or not just a country wanted to capture other. It means something else and these Illuminati’s are involved in this.

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So what happened at one point is Illuminati’s were facing problems since they are against god. So many people around the country started protests against these Illuminati’s and the Bavarian Government asked illuminati’s to disband the movement. Illuminati’s went underground. From there, the strength of Illuminati’s doubled.

It is rumoured that all the events are planned by a set of people decades ago and they are executing it one after the other. There are other rumours that Simson’s was an Illuminati show which subtly showed many future events.

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