After the Floods – Opinions [1]

Being the master of Procrastination, I’ve been running away from reading this beautiful Anthology for a long time and I finally decided to break the ice. I started reading this book and guess What? I thoroughly enjoy the book. I would be […]

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Street Food at its best – OMR

Best way to enter a Man’s heart is through his Stomach I like this statement because Food is the essence of life and for a person like me Who try experimenting in food (Well, I don’t cook :P) an Organised Food Street […]

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Asariri’s –A Short Story reading Session

Pleasant Saturday Morning in a beach there happened a session on Short Story reading by the authors themselves what more can I ask to Kick start my Positive Weekend?. Maathevan is the Organizer of this Event and Yes; it was totally a […]

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Puthiya Niyamam -2016 (Malayalam)

Malayalam Film Industry has its own set of Genres where they shine quite well. Once Thriller movies and Art Films were the identity for Malayalam Film Industry and at times we could also come across some Rom-Com’s. Every Film Industry will go […]

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Kshanam – 2016 (Telugu)

India: A Land of different Colours, Religions, Languages and Cultures. Indians basically celebrate 3 things. Cricket, Politics and Cinema. One of the most selling point for many Media companies are these 3 things. We Indians debate, fight and wage war on these […]

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“LEADER” The Movie

Leader. Its a Wonderful Telugu Movie. The Movie talks about the Ministers of Andhra Pradesh.  This Movie was released when Andhra’s CM Rajasekhar Reddy. The Movie Starts with the assassination of CM (Suman) when he’s in his Death bed his Son Arjun […]

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Raavanan the Tribe

Raavanan.  The Story of a Tribal Leader (Vikram) who takes revenge on Superintendent of  Police (Prithiviraj)  for the death of his Sister(Priyamani). This post is not actually a review of that movie but the matter which Mani Ratnam tries to say about. […]

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