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The World of FlashPoint Crossover Series – Part 1

I have been planning to do a DC Multiverse blogging series, which comprises of Comics, Movies, TV Series, Animated movies and Series but you know as usual I was so lazy and going to tell the same reasons, I had so much in my plate hence, couldn’t go with that. Now I decided to do the same. You can expect some DC comics reviews from now on. I am starting with the most recent one New 52 (2011)

Why New 52?

DC wanted to reboot their whole line of the Comic book heroes and villains and in order to do that, they obviously have The Flash Scarlet Speedster the one who can travel through time. Thus the mini-series The World of Flashpoint. When The Flash wakes up he realises that he is in a different time where the heroes become Villians and the Villians become heroes. On top of that Amazonians (The tribe Wonder Woman belongs) and Atlantians (The tribe Aquaman belongs) are at a war. The Flash somehow resolves all these issues and gets to the actual timeline. After this huge event, DC came with 52 different heroes thus the name New 52.

The World of Flashpoint Series:

When The Flash (Barry Allen) found himself in a different timeline, the roles were reversed and the story happened in the elseworld. This Mini-series explores how various major Super-heroes are in this timeline. You can also watch Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.



This Trade Paperback (TBP) starts with Barry waking up in a different Timeline without Power. They also establish the characters and the problem in this Earth. How Barry ended up here, How did he reset the Timeline and How did he get his power back? This Book answers it all.

I enjoyed the read and of course, Barry and his stupidity always cause issues, he should understand it once and for all. Well, then where is the fun if Barry Allen doesn’t make a mistake? Though the plot is good and since Flashpoint is my first stint with Flash comic altogether I am in no position to point out mistakes or understand the plot. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and hope to enjoy the rest of the Flashpoint storylines before I start the New 52 Series.

Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint featuring Batman


A Batman can’t be darker than this. This particular TPB has the story arcs of few characters apart from Batman or should I say characters related to Batman except for Secret Seven.

Batman: Thomas Wayne being a Batman adds some dark flavour to the whole series and he is not moral enough as Bruce. Who would be in the twisted world? As Joker being the all-time enemy of Bats also has a dark past and the revelation is shocking and bothering.

Dick Greyson: Dick belongs to the circus as the actual story arc but the story takes a sudden turn which makes him a different person than the original and I loved the way the story was taken with twists and turns with Deadman being part of Dick’s life.

Deathstroke: Such a badass selfish, asshole he is and in this Story arc he plays a Pirate still he has his actual healing abilities with his mercenary skills. Not much change in the character arc but the story arc is engaging.

Secret Seven: That was so damn gruesome. Enchantress was her regular self and manipulative.

I really wish they could have extended the stories instead of letting them hang in the air. A collection of Short Comic stories which gives much insight into the whole Flashpoint arc and the ruckus created by Barry without his knowledge.

Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint featuring Wonder WomanFPWW

This TBP focuses more on the reason for the War between Atlantians and the Amazonians. I thought this book would give a glimpse of the initial stages of War and related to it but was taken for a roller coaster ride.
If only the Authors could have stopped with Wonder Woman and Aquaman the whole TBP would have been better and they could have released a separate TBP for Resistance & The Outsiders where both had an important role to play in the whole Flashpoint Paradox.
Seems they had other plans. Although the story and the pace were good to an extent it was tiring to read and see the same few incidents repeating. Otherwise, this is a decent read. I don’t want to break the ice by revealing the reasons. I would suggest you read it by yourself.

Thus comes the end of Part 1 of The Flashpoint Mini-series. There are 3 other books in this mini-series. Once I finish them will update with another blog post. If this piques your interest please don’t hesitate to pick the book and I’m sure you would enjoy.

Happy Reading 🙂


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