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Semmaari (Tamil) – Book Review

Title: Semmaari (Tamil)
Author: Samura
Total No. of Pages: 284
Format: Paperback
Genre: Fiction

Note: I received this book in exchange for an unbiased review from the Author. 

When I received the copy of the book from the Author and the tagline said ஆறறிவு ஆடு (A Goat with Six senses) and I thought it must be a Tamil Science fiction for which I was very much excited because the last Sci-Fi in Tamil I read was Jeeno duology by Sujatha. When I read the blurb it was evident that the book is dealt with a game Aadu Puli aatam which as a guy from a small town of Tamilnadu I am very much aware of it.

Semmaari, a shepherd with his nomad family reaches Chandiranaadu which is ruled by Puthirasekran. A king obsessed with Architecture plans to build a great hall full of architectural excellence. Thus he appoints Sadayudhar, who happens to be the best Architect in the entire kingdom. Nagalan, one of the best apprentice of Sadayudhar is in charge for this project. Kodari is more like the head of labourers is one among the major characters in the plot. Sadayudhar teaches a game Aadu Puli Aatam (A game of lambs and Tigers) to his fellow architects, which in turn entertains them during their free time. Semmaari a curious kid shows interest in learning the game sneaks in learns by observing. Over a period Semmaari happens to play with Nagalan who is considered to be the best in this game and wins. There comes a day when Nagalan was put in a tough spot with a stranger in a contest and Semmaari helps him out to win the game. Which in turn puts Semmaari, his family and his girlfriend in the life-threatening situation. Did Semmaari manage to escape that situation? Who is that Stranger? and Why that event put Semmaari in a life-threatening situation? All these questions will be answered in this book.

First of all the premise of the plot is really interesting. The Author could have stopped from explaining the story is based on the game which is a huge turn-off. I really request the Author to consider the readers as intelligent beings instead of Spoon-feeding us. It is really annoying over a period of time to read like that. The Author decides to name the characters and places with respective professions but decided to explain detailed to us readers.

I personally felt the narration of the book was really loooooong. The Editors could have trimmed it and brought down the page count to at least 180 to 200. Dear Author, if you really wanted to tell stories in Tamil but couldn’t find a good editor I request you search for one. First of all in Tamil we need not add so many commas unnecessarily. The words itself give enough pauses for us to understand. Then there are so many grammatical, spelling mistakes. Reading Tamil book so many grammatical mistakes really pains.

I see a lot of cons in the book than the pros. Except for a good plot, there is nothing great about this book and I am still wondering How this book got 4.48 stars in Goodreads. Think I must stop complaining and enjoy the book henceforth.

Do I recommend this book? I really don’t if you are an ardent Tamil novel reader. Others decide at your own risk.

Happy Reading.

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