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Book Review: Jirvania: Book 2 in the Julu Series

Note: I received a free copy of this e-book through Booktasters in return for an honest review.

It is not often we come across books that deal with Kindness these days. If not all at least when it comes to the fantasy genre kindness is never part of the story except few characters but this book is more like a warm hug from our most loved person or must I say a warm hug from most of the characters? I really wished I read the first part of the book but nevertheless, we are given a brief of what happened in the previous book (More like a recap we get for TV shows) and it’s a brilliant idea to start with.

Author: Jan Anderegg Language: English No. of Pages: 568 Format: eBook Genre: Children’s Fantasy & Adventure

Like all Fantasy novels, we have a promised one in this novel as well. Jack the promised Guardian has to save Jirvania and its Library of books from Evil. When I said I must have read the first book, I meant missing the major portions of Jack’s journey and the exciting story of “The Great Jirvanian Library” because the Library and the way it works play a crucial part in this story.

The book is greatly imaginative and rightly so. As a Children’s book this book checks two important boxes for me. One, What being kind means and how it affects us and people around us in positive ways, and teaching the awesomeness of being imaginative. The entire world of Jirvania especially its Library with a vast amount of stories from across the world relies upon imagination. Themes surrounding Friendships, Loyalty, and perseverance are other reasons I really loved this book.

Some of the major setbacks for me were, it often jumps to various stories and places. As an adult I’m confused at places, I have to re-read and make sure I’m still in the world of Jirvania or in one of the stories told by Julu or traveling into one of the books. Yes, the author puts placeholders for everything but the constant jumping might be a slight discomfort in an otherwise beautiful story.

When I say kindness is part of this book and most of the characters show kindness. The best part is they don’t seem forced but come deep down from their (Author’s too) heart. When we read we ourselves want to show that kindness to not only the characters of this book but to everyone. On that note, this book is a clear winner for me as a Children’s fantasy novel.

If you get a chance, do read this book and I’m sure you will feel that warm hug as much as I did.

Happy reading ?

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