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Theatrics by Neil Gibson

Title: Theatrics
Author: Neil Gibson and Art by Leonardo Gonzalez
Total No. of Pages: 132
Format: eBook
Type: Graphic Novel, Drama

Note: I received a free copy from NetGalley in return for an honest Review.

Boy! O! Boy! I never knew there were lots of individual comic book writers and Artists apart from the Studio ones until I came across this and the other series of Comics recently. Well, I know Cyanide and Happiness and other comics are there but I’m not sure How they make money, this is a serious business I must say.

Theatrics is a Graphic Novel about Rudy Burns a Broadway actor in 1920’s who has everything one could ask for but a robbery goes wrong and the man is disfigured. When the Broadway is all about good looks what would a once-successful actor do to revive his life? The story is more of a rag to riches but we are left with a cliffhanger because only half the book is released and I’m already waiting to read the rest.

First of all, this Graphic novel is wonderful, the artwork is mind-blowing and it is a Studio quality. With regards to the story for a comic, it is completely new and different. Such a pleasant read it was and Neil Gibson must have a lot in his kitty to offer. Looking forward to reading the second Graphic novel which would give us a closure. The story was pretty easy for me to get in and start reading. Rudy seems to be a very mysterious man. We do not know What’s on his mind and that keeps the readers hooked to the Graphic novel.  Let’s wait and see What Neil Gibson and the team has to offer in the future publications.

Happy reading 🙂

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