To you my Love… ex-Love

Hey Honeybun,

It’s been a while since I wrote a letter to you, not that I forgot but I was waiting for a special occasion. Yes, this is the one and this was the day we fought last year, the very same day. The Castle we built together started shattering slowly but fiercely. It is less than a year now but my love for you is still fresh inside me and it never faded away.


Just that we are away, I am in peace now and have lots of time to think about the incidents happened. When we broke up all I had was hate for you. I was going through depression when all this happened and all I expected was your warm hug and your assurance that things will be fine. I agree I got that from you but, you were not patient enough to take the frustration I showed on you for long. You broke and you called it off.

What did I do to you to suffer the pain? I’m not saying you are not in pain, but the heartbreak I had was worse, even words fail to express that. I’m writing this not to vent my anger on you. You know me, I forget and forgive. All I have now in my head are those beautiful memories we had together.

I still remember our first trip to Lonavala on that Morning Train from Mumbai, had some spicy hot Vada pav near the Waterfall. I remember the day when I came home frustrated after work. I got a warm hug from you with our favourite filter coffee. We were discussing various Business ideas I had and you were scolding me for drinking my coffee cold. Wish I could re-live that moment again.

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Yeah! I know it’s all long gone and now it’s time to confess that I have moved on”. Judge all you want but yes, I have moved on and I had to. Just because, I’ve moved on fast doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. It just means that I don’t want to hold back and tell everyone that I’m a failure or like many others out there complain their girlfriends for the break-up. It’s me who started it and it’s me who ended it. I have that guilt in me and I’m living with it. Do, I have a choice?

Well, the reason I’m writing this letter is to tell you that, I’m happy after the break-up and I want you not to yearn and stay in the past. I heard from your friends that you are coping up. You poor soul I apologise for hurting you and I apologise for letting you be dependent on me. I was constantly reminded of you and I still keep track of your periods, I still remember your phone number by heart. Some habits never go, You became part of my life and it is taking time for me to forget things and I will eventually.

So, Please move on and lead a Happy life. That’s all I want for you. I want you to be Happy and Successful in your life and career. Happy Valentines Day.

Yours Lovingly,

P.S: The letter is Written by an imaginary boyfriend to his ex.

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Note: This post is written for the ‘love theme’ contest by The chennai bloggers club in association with woodooz  and Indian Superheroes .

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