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Oru Pada Paadal #5

One more Guest Post by mu beloved friend Aishwarya Ashok who blogs here and on Quora. I am not going to go on with Guest posts for this Series but I really thought some of my friends could bring a best out of these albums.

Music Director in Focus: Karthik Raja
Album: Dumm Dumm Dumm

A light rom-com paired with striking melodies–that’s how you can rightly denote Dumm Dumm Dumm. The music director, though considered not-so-popular (Well, if you take his cognate ties, he is popular, being the son of the Maestro Ilayaraja), has truly done justice to his film by composing songs of catchy tunes, and instilling in us a sense of remembrance. And that’s how I get to write about this classic, my-all-time-favorite movie, even after so many years. Let’s get going.

Let me decode the songs of this movie:

Suttrum Bhoomi

The song starts with the chirping of birds and gives a fresh feel. The song revolves around the care-free, happy life of the female protagonist and the fun she gets by being herself. Not to leave out the raillery of her sisters, much to the coyness of their soon-to-be-married sister.

A tapping beat sets the mood of the song, thanks to the drums and low notes of strings (guitar). Harini’s voice is just beautiful and suits the happy theme of the song. The chorus that goes “Athiri Bhathiri” and “Thillalangadi” reminds us of our native, funny-yet-awesome terms. The string interlude before the first charanam (1st stanza) uplifts the song and appears to be antipodal to the rustic setup, yet acceptable.The background music sticks to mild beats and the drums join to the tunes of the strings just before the second charanam (2nd stanza). The song is sure to leave one in a happy state.

Some personally favorite lines:

Sattai paiyil ulagam, Kaikkuttaiyae vaanam,
Kattalai ittadhum kaetkum,Ye thennai maramae thennai maramae,
Udambil valayalgal yaeno, Thirumanam unakku thaano

Athan Varuvaga

Oh! I’m sure most of us would know this song. It was the so-called popular pre-wedding song of those times and still gets referred to, in the same way. The song is folkish and considered to be perfect for dance moves. With blushes, occasional teasings, boisterous laughs–the song is sure to give a positive air, all filled with happiness. The ghatam tunes along with the brief taal clangs and singer’s swaras start the song, giving it a semi-classical feel. The singers choice is commendable–Malgudi Shubha, Tippu, Harini and Chitra Sivaraman. All voices blend perfectly and are simply a treat to listen to. Harini’s aalap and Tippu’s simple-yet-breezy vocals before the 1st charanam (1st stanza) are cute. The violin symphony-kind interlude, along with alternating mridangam tunes is just superb. Overall, a wonderfully made and rendered song.

These lines are simple, but rightly captures the love at first sight feeling:

avagha vandhu ninale
seriya kaadhu kekadhu
mulusa parve theriyadhu
ozunga pesa mudiyadhu

Un Perai Sonnale

My best choice in the album is this song. It’s melodiously rendered by Unnikrishnan and Sadhana Sargam. A slow song that grows on you as you keep listening to it. Also, it has a mystic charm and slightly resorts to a missing-of-love feel. Again, this song has gentle string tunes, along with some keyboard notes. I just love everything about this song– the reverberating beats, the sweet background tunes, the vocals, the soothing chorus portions, and the lyrics. The song captures the sadness, loneliness, and helplessness of two souls so perfectly.

Some beautiful lines:

Un Perai Sonnale
Ul Naakil Thithikkume
Pogaathey Pogaathey
Unnodu Sendraale
Vazhi Ellaam Poo Pookume
Vaarayo Vaarayo

Saanjaadum Sooriyane Chandiranai Azhavaithai
Sogam Aen Solvaaya
Senthaazham Poovukkul Puyal Ondru Varavaithaal
Ennaagum Solvaaya

Ragasiyamai Ragasiyamai

Another captivating song I should say. And the magic of strings and drum beats repeat. The composer has neatly handled both these instruments and has shown striking variations in the way they’ve been used, in each song. The soothing vocals by Sadhana Sargam and Hariharan melt any person who listens to the song. Your heart sways with Hariharan’s “Ooo….” at the end of the pallavi. The song shows the dreamy love of both the protagonists and shows wedding rituals of different traditions. And the violin interlude before the 1st charanam (1st stanza) adds to the beauty of the song. The song never misses its romantic feel and oozes with love wholly.

Lyrically wonderful lines:

Solla Thudikkum Vaarthai Kirangum
Thondai Kuzhiyil Oosi Irangum
Ilai Vadivil Ithayam Irukkum
Malai Vadivil Athuvum Ganakkum

Desingu Raja

The nature of the song is like a squabbling, not literally though. The backdrop of the song is set to a dynasty, and the entire song proceeds as clashing arguments between the king and the queen. Not taken just as a direct love song, it still is considered one, argumentatively in love may be. The clarion of the trumpet begins the song, like how it would begin a war. However, this doesn’t make the song very serious. A pinch of seriousness is woven along with the softness of Sujatha’s and Harish Raghavendra’s voices. Beginning on a bold note, the song moves to a smooth tune with mild keyboard notes and drum beats, with occasional trumpet sounds.

Krishna Krishna

Personally, I don’t like this song very much. It’s just another youthful, bachelor boys’ song. It’s sung by Harish Raghavendra and Febi Mani. The song isn’t very catchy, and definitely, it’s not up to the mark of the other songs on the album. But yes, it adds to the freshness and youthfulness of the album. Like a song tailor-made for the male protagonist, the 20th century’s supposedly cool and yo-yo type guy.

Overall, the album is definitely a good attempt with the right selection of singers, great use of instruments, and snappy tunes.

Happy Listening 🙂

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