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13 Reasons why? – A Lesson

I know, I know. I am one of those souls who watched 13 Reasons Why? TV Series and posting about it. Yes, Watching the TV Series was very much depressing but there are lots of takeaways from this series and I could not just Watch and move on. Well, I also have few complaints about it. Let’s see all of them.

When I heard about this TV series from one of my acquaintances she warned me. Well, none warned her What this TV show has in store for its viewers. Well, these days even the worst of literature becomes the Bestsellers and they either end up becoming a Movie or a TV Series. Still, 13 Reasons Why?  comes under that category of “A TV Series from a Bestseller Novel” and I am sure most of the Young Adults wouldn’t have heard the novel written by Jay Asher.

Well, my first complaint about this series is this Why there wasn’t a warning prior every episode of this series? I wish the showrunners could have added some warning before starting this series. I’ve heard some news and posts on Facebook about this series inducing Suicidal thoughts in youngsters. I suppose this shouldn;t be the case instead there should have been a guidance to prevent suicides.

13 Reasons Why? is a dark series which starts with a quest by Clay, who receives a box of Taperecorders from his crush Hannah Baker who was dead. She taped the reasons for her death and the Season 1 prolongs to 13 Episodes. There are 13 reasons for Hanna’s suicide. A Series which seriously talks about the Teenagers and their lives. I felt like walking into the life of an American teenager, their lives in Schools, their crushes and much more.


Not only an American, even an Indian Teenager could relate to it or for that matter any teenager could relate to this series. It talks about bullying, parental abuse, societal pressure and much more.

Every actors were just perfect for the role and they fit in just right. Dylan Minnette played as Clay Jenson who had the burden of taking the whole series on his shoulders because we watch the series from his Point of view and he did a marvellous job. Katherine Langford, on the other hand, played the dead girl Hannah Baker impresses with various expression be it the disappointment, heartbroken or delighted she did just right. Other supporting actors did their part well.

Surprisingly, this TV show has great tracks let it be a BGM or songs they are wonderful. Selena Gomez being one of the producers rendered a couple of songs and they are brilliantly beautiful.

I am personally looking forward to Season 2 because of many unanswered questions. Especially, I want Bryce to be punished. I want Clay and Skye back to be best friends and Justice to Hannah.

I am just curious Why would one want to quit their life? Would quitting life solve the issues? Why aren’t people asking for help? Or Are they asking and parents, teachers, friends being ignorant and taking them for granted?


Teens have so many issues Parents either are occupied with their own work or they run behind money to create a secured life for their kids and ironically Kids are suffering. Quitting life doesn’t solve the problem. Do not quit your life because you flunked in one exam or you couldn’t crack JEE and get a seat in major Engineering Institution. Life doesn’t end there. Society doesn’t give a shit about you and your life, all they care is to blow their own fucking trumpet.

Don’t assume and expect people to talk for you or reciprocate your feelings. When you are screaming to a friend who tries to calm you down all you are doing is shunning them out. Not only you are with issues everyone has their own monsters to fight. After all, life is all about coexisting and not quitting just because you had a failed love or failed an exam. Quitting your life is not an end for everything and before doing it think about your parents who would miss you, think about your friends who you have shared great memories with, think about your crush with whom you might end up having a beautiful life. Enjoy your life and if you are troubled to ask for help and someone would give you their shoulder, someone might beat the shit out of troublemaker for you. People are always there to help you and all you have to do is ask.

P.S: Ultimately if you feel suicidal, avoid watching this TV Series and after watching this series if you feel suicidal immediately talk to your parents, ask for help or meet with a psychiatrist who can help you out.


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May 17, 2017 at 7:44 am

I think each episode should have also ended with some kind of followup or using theatre langue talkback. It also just didn’t handle so many important issues with care, as I wrote about on my blog earlier today. It’s going to be interesting to see how much attention 13 Reasons Why actually gets.

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