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Book Review – Lost Boy

Note: I received a free copy of this eBook from Booktasters in return for an honest review

Thrillers are one of those fascinating Genres which always keep you hooked, be it a Murder mystery or others. I haven’t had read much of YA Thrillers, most importantly YA thriller books with Supernatural elements attached to them. So, when I came across this book on Booktasters, I immediately grabbed to read it.

Author: Raiwri James
Language: English 
No. of Pages: 319
Format: eBook
Genre: Thriller, Super Natural

Lost Boy, is a Supernatural YA thriller book that revolves around the teen Mike DeVellie Jr and his friends. He is so much obsessed with his health that he fat-shames his own mom (Fatphobia). He doesn’t eat proper food but sticks to the so-called “Healthy foods” and protein powders. His close allies are his girlfriend of two years Nicole and his best friend Joey.

Mike’s happy life takes a turn when his mom passes away, he couldn’t stand the grief of his mother, unable to show that, he runs away from his own Mother’s funeral alone and stumbles upon his Schoolmate Priya Nashad. The book gets weirder from this point and becomes a confusing mess.

I guess, the Author decided to write something but mixed it up with something else. Apart from the character arcs of the leads, the Author seemed he isn’t sure where he want to take the story. Towards the mid of the book, the author introduces a new character, just graphic images of that person killing many, and all of a sudden they go missing. When this person goes completely out of the picture our Hero Mike starts experiencing Supernatural powers and he doesn’t have any answers or reasons to understand them.

Within a short span of time, Mike gets hold of his Superpowers, we don’t know how he could do that nor anyone for that matter. Usually, when people get such Superpowers, they usually do some stupid things to test it and usually miss a couple of times (I mean that’s human nature) and our hero doing that right in the first couple of attempts seems odd (Might be my personal bias).

So, the Author’s idea of writing about the Outsiders Series is interesting but he seems to have got a couple of things wrong atleast in my perception. Getting fit is great, no one questions that but in order to do that one needn’t fat shame others or be obsessed about it, that’s also an addiction. Secondly, the Author could have brought the Supernatural element for the hero during his grieving period maybe but bringing in when he couldn’t meet someone he doesn’t know much seems weird but I can also see the connection, it might be to save the person.

Most important of all, it seemed like the Supernatural element was added last minute just for the sake of it but it didn’t seem to have naturally grown through the course of the story. Maybe the Author could have completely avoided that and have simply left it as a YA Thriller, would have been better. Even the outsider angle seemed a last-minute addition, didn’t sit well with the course of the story. The Author tried many things in his first books and it seemed very confusing for the reader. A little more work in tightening the story would have done justice. Otherwise, it is a decent thriller book, which kept me hooked throughout and I kept guessing the perpetrator, A great job with that.

So, here I end the last blog post of this year. I wasn’t specifically saving it but somehow this Happened. Happy New Year 2022 everyone. ?

Will meet you next year, Until then Ciao ?

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