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Ananta Sesha Naga – Book Review

Title: Ananta Sesha Naga – Rise of Demon Prince
Author: Sanjeev K. Sharma
No.of Pages: 279
Genre: Mythology-Fiction

Boy! O! boy! This book easily is the worst I have ever read in my life. Well, you might guess Why does anyone want to start with a bad impression about a book? Well, this book frustrated me to an extent where I couldn’t continue more than 100 pages. I took so much pain and time to cross those 100 pages. Well, this explains it all. A Wise man once said “Our life is too precious to waste on a bad book” hence, I ditched it with 140 pages and couldn’t go any further.


A Sarpini who should get the Sarpamani of the five kings among the Seven of Paataal Loka. So, that the demon Sarpas who follow the orders of a demon queen could take over the three lokas by defeating Devas, humans, Asuras and their own Naga clan. The Demon queen sends a seductress whose only job is to mate with those kings, get their sperms and Nagamani’s in her belly. (Don’t get confused seeing Sarpamani and Nagamani. Both are same and even the Author was confused which one to name :P)

What is wrong with the Book?

Everything. I would say. This book should have been trashed instead of sending it to Print. First of all Story Mirror, you should stop publicising books altogether or at-least recruit good Editors to read the Manuscripts and correct them. Right from the Excerpt printed behind the book to Epilogue the spelling mistakes, mismatches in the spelling of names, grammatical errors and so many cringe-worthy mistakes all through out the book.

Right from the Introduction of the Characters, the Author kept repeating the same four lines for the next 30 or so pages. Over a point, I really felt irritated to read the same damn lines. There are repetitive words and Why on earth the description of the sex scene same? Did the Author lack imagination? 😛

I really couldn’t help but the description of the different regions of Paataal Loka was missing all throughout out the book and the Author’s major focus was to spit crass sex scene in his book along with casteism, racism, moral policing and much more cringe-worthy stuff.


Indian Literary scene is already in a downfall and out of 10 only three or four read books. Now, with such bad publications, the quality of content is stooping down from bad to worse. There was a golden time when very few books were published and the quality of the content was good but with growing number of Authors and Publishing houses the number of books is huge but the Quality of them are pathetic. I strongly suggest Story Mirror, to stop publishing worst books and ruin their reputation. I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone. *Running to find a good book* :/

P.S: This is an honest review in return for the free copy of this book received from Story Mirror.

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August 14, 2017 at 5:56 pm

I didn’t review the book and told the same to the author too 🙂

August 14, 2017 at 5:56 pm

I told him I couldn’t continue ??

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