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Wonder Woman (2017) – Movie Review

Once Wonder Woman was critiqued for showing Woman with a tiny dress and commenting about the creator being sexist. Oh! The irony, now the movie is being lauded for various reasons from being the most successful Superheroine movie which garnered over $100M in the first 3 days, being a first Superhero movie directed by a Woman and of course the saviour of DCEU after its miserable box-office failures with the last 3 movies.

Why Wonder Woman gained so much attention? 

Comparing this with one of the DC Animated Movies on Wonder Woman, I would say this movie is pretty much different and I have only read few of the Wonder Woman comics. Surprisingly this movie comes without much of the previous mistakes especially the Studio interference.

Well, Trailer of this movie infused so much attention in Movie lovers, DC fans and the so-called Comic lovers (Indian Comic fans would understand What I mean and not disrespecting actual comic book fans). The second reason being Rotton Tomatoes. When many saw the Tomatometer rating of whopping 93% they went gaga and started talking about the movie.

A Little Background:

Thymiscira an isolated land from the man’s world is ruled by Hypolita. Diana was brought into life from clay by the Greek God Zeus. When Diana showed interest in getting trained to be a true Amazonian she was refused by her mother Hypolita but when her aunt Antiope insisted on training her, Hypolita refused first then agreed to it. Diana never knew the reason for her birth or she is not aware of her actual powers. When an American Spy, Steve Trevor accidentally falls into the sea, Diana helps him. Steve was on a mission to stop the World War and Diana strongly believes Ares – The God of War is behind. She proposes to join Steve to go to the Man’s world and kill Ares to end the war. Did Steve stop the War? Did Diana find and Kill Ares? Who is Diana? All those questions are answered in 144 minutes movie.


Is the Movie worth all the hype?

It definitely is a good Origin Story for one of the most powerful DC Superheroine. Patty Jenkins is a key reason and in one of her interviews, she mentioned about empowering Woman through this movie with the central theme of the Movie being Love. She and the Screenplay Writer didn’t overdose on violence and cynicism but they delivered a pure superhero movie with positive vibes and effect.

Allen Heinberg’s Screenplay saved the movie a lot because without humour throughout the movie it would not have stood a chance for DC’s raw and gritty storylines. This movie has its flaws but Gal Gaddot’s innocence and charm rescue the movie. I was surprised to see people who screamed when Diana was on screen, they even screamed seeing “Wayne Enterprises”.

Chris Pine, on the other hand, plays the sidekick for Wonder Woman and also her Love Interest who guarantees us for adding more humour to the movie. The Amazons in the Movie are portrayed beautifully as fearless warriors. Robin Wright as Antiope was just perfect.

Well, with regards to Villians all of them did their part well but a serious back story was missing for two. They neither showed the need of destruction or power I cannot spoil much because that plays the crux of the whole story and the choices of villain cast did fantabulously well. Danny Huston, as usual, did his part well and Elena Anaya as Dr Meru or Doctor Poison is perfect and exceptional.

Be it Thymiscira or hideous 😛 London the camera and CGI played their roles to a great extent. Stunt sequence placed well and staged extraordinary need to be applauded for the crew’s hard work. Rupert Gregson-Williams BGM and the theme gives us goosebumps during the action sequences.



A Superheroine movie with little bloodshed and more of positive vibes with the theme of spreading the love (Irony) and stopping the war to bring peace to the man’s world. Assisted with the stunning CGI, breath-taking fight sequences and goosebumpy theme and music it should definitely be watched in theatres.


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June 7, 2017 at 8:22 pm

I am loving all the positive buzz this movie has been getting. I remember when Gal Gadot was first cast as WW and nobody had a kind word to say. I think she’s amazing, and she proves that Wonder Woman is so much more than just appearance. I haven’t seen the film yet, sadly I’ll have to wait until next week, but I am on that hype train for sure. After BvS and Suicide Squad the DCEU truly needs something that is worth my money, and everyone’s money for that matter. Glad to head the wait paid off. Oh and I agree, her theme is dope! Best thing about BvS haha. Great review!

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September 19, 2019 at 12:16 am

This is an amazing review. Kudos to your work. Loved it.

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