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The Highway Man by J.Alchem – Book Review

Title: The Highway Man

Author: J. Alchem

No.of Pages: 46

Genre: Short Stories

Format: Digital

I got this book for free to be reviewed on various platforms and here I am sharing my thoughts about The Highway man which is a collection of 3 Short Stories: Catherine, Sidzy for a day and The Highway Man.

This book is the shortest read I’ve ever come across and the Author is completely new to me as well. It isn’t new for me to read books of an unknown Author and that’s How I started my journey into reading books. If you are a serious reader I wouldn’t recommend this book because it is completely flawed. No, I am not going to give a positive review just because I got it for free and that ain’t my code but this book carries few good things too.

What I liked:

  • Acknowledgement part in this book was different from What I’ve come across all these years. Starting with a shocking statement it moves to a different spectrum and you understand it at least at the end of it.
  • All these three short stories had a message some real good message to take away.

What I disliked:

  • Lots and lots of Grammatical errors, punctuation errors, bad sentence formation.
  • Narration style was very sloppy and there is a lot of room for the author to grow as a Writer and I personally believe he should stop publishing books and go back to improvise his writing skills. We already have enough Chetan Bhagats, Ravinder Singhs and Preeti Shenoy’s.
  • All the three stories were way too cheesy and too lengthy especially Sidzy for a day. It was way too stereotypical for portraying the girl with just cheesy dialogues and the same old “I am gifted to have you in my life” type of dialogues.

If you want to kill some time pick this book or else I wouldn’t recommend this book at all. Again I ain’t good with my writing skills but I believe I have improved a lot in the recent past. I am no one to stop anyone from publishing books but all I expect is some quality in the content. I can compromise on the grammar part, heck most of them are not perfect but when the Author fails to communicate the story it turns me off from picking up his/her future books. Hope this reaches the Author and to be Authors. I believe most of the Bibliophiles would share the same thought as I am.

Cheers… 🙂

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