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Kuttram 23 – Movie Review

A novel adaptation isn’t new to Tamil cinema but the trend is growing recently in the Industry.Not many could bring in the feel of reading a novel to a great Movie watching experience but few, shine in doing that. Rajesh Kumar, who is the King of Tamil crime novels has lent one of his babies (Oops! Spoilers!) to director Arivazhagan.

A finely staged movie with perfection except for few flaws. I have read many of Rajesh Kumar’s novels and during my School days, we had a fan club for him. Trust me the conspiracies were amazing at that time and age. One predominant similarity in all his novels was the coincidence which will be definitely overloaded and How do coincidences happen often? pfft!


Arun Vijay perfectly blends into the role and I would say he have improved a tad bit in his acting and his Screen presence is amazing. Mahima Nambiar has got a role to act in the movie, she scores well too but I personally feel the Love portion could have been avoided in this serious film. It was too amateurish of having a heroine compulsory in the movie which goes as a side track and this particular sequence is also very common in Rajesh Kumar’s novels.

Vishal Chandrasekaran did a decent job and Thanks to the director for not adding too many songs in the movie, otherwise, it would have been like speed breakers. The cameraman has done a great job and the editor as well. Thanks to Stunt master Silva for sticking to the natural fighting sequences. After watching the likes of Bhairavaa and Singam it feels good to see a decent stunt sequence in a movie.

In spite of few flaws and few cringeworthy backward thoughts/dialogues, the movie is definitely worth a watch. Although I could not come to an agreement with the Societal pressure of having a baby. Having a baby is purely the choice of the couple. I also don’t understand What’s wrong with “Artificial Insemination” it is completely legal and why should it be wrong? When did they connect it with the “purity” of a woman with this thought?

Ah! Alright only now we have started accepting Adoption itself and it will definitely take another half a century for us to come to terms with Artifical insemination and sperm donation. We are not in the age of Kings to have a lineage to take kingship. Times has changed and we should evolve too. Again it’s my personal opinion and you are open to having your opinions.

Again it is not necessary for the directors to be Socially responsible but if, they are its good. A good movie to watch and do not miss it. Happy Watching.:)

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