Fate and God

Once i happened to hear this word from my friend ” cha! sure this exam I’ll fail da that’s all fate”  this word is not only told by my friend but we all usually use the same words once we come out of an exam hall or In a competition where we loss. In these places we’re not ready to accept our mistakes. We usually try to hide our mistakes and blame others. For that we can take my friend as an example. On the previous day of his exam he went to movie and didn’t even touch his book for a while and on the next day of his exam he started blaming the fate.

So what’s wrong with us? Why do we do like this? Why we’re trying to push the mistakes to fate instead of accepting them?

” That’s the Human Nature, how can we change that? ” these are the words which we bluff ourselves and cheat ourselves instead of correcting those mistakes.

I would like to say a small suggestion ” First of all try to accept our mistakes and try to correct them ” Instead don’t throw those mistakes to any god’s or Fate.

Here i would like to share a small story of mine which clearly suits to this post ” It was the time of my +2 results and i failed in two major subjects. When i told this to my dad he didn’t say anything and asked me to attend the supplementary exam. But when i told this to my mom she said that i prayed to some x god that if you get good marks in 10th std I’ll offer u some x thing but we didn’t do that so only you failed. I also believed so. But the fact is that i didn’t study and had whole night conversations with my Girlfriend.  Then on the next day me and my mom went to that particular temple to give the offering. But the same thing happened in the Supplementary exam also because i was very much nervous and forgot everything in the exam hall. This is absolutely my mistake and not either some god’s or fate’s work” So friends try to analyze our mistakes and  rectify them.


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April 9, 2010 at 11:16 am

Our Response!
lord hear our prayers!
god bless!

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