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Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru -Tightly knit craft

Spoilers Ahead!

New comers aren’t bad always, is yet again proved by Karthick Naren, Director of Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru. For, a Movie to be successful, a good plot accompanied by good characters for the Script is important than choosing the Script for a Star. D16 proves to be yet another craft of Filmmaking, without much Marketing but Word of Mouth, which reached the masses.

Trailer was pretty much impressive which dragged me to Theaters to watch this Movie. Surprisingly many elements shown in the Trailer was different compared with the whole Movie. I’m unsure if, the Trailer was intentional, to confuse the audience or did the director change the plot? Only he knows the truth…


Movie starts with rain and a slowing car. A masked man comes out of the car. Inside the apartment we see a couple embrace themselves in intimacy. Later, we hear a gunshot from there, our Lead (So called) character shares his POV on the case which changed his life or Should I say got him retired from his work? When the flashback is revealed and the information which gathered are scattered but the Director here helps us to place them in Chronological order. When these pieces are put together the tension builds-up.

Director also brilliantly used certain Camera shots while jumping between flashbacks and the present. Supporting BGM and Camera are added benefits to such movies.

This movie is not about a Protagonist or an Antagonist. Its about the Point of View. Again the dialogue placed at the end of the movie talks more about this. Watch the movie for yourself to relish your brain’s capability.

As per Tamil Cinema equation, there are few plot holes in the movie and I wouldn’t rather complain about the Climax which is open to discussion but the Director played smart in placing the “Taking back the cap from the apartment” scene, should also have also been careful in fixing those Plot holes. Some may argue that it was to confuse us but still it doesn’t prove a point in the actual plot.

A very good Movie from a New-comer who haven’t learnt the art of Film-making from any reputed directors but self-learnt. Tamil Cinema has already produced such tasteful filmmaker in the likes of ManiratnamThyagarajan Kumararaja and few more. Let’s hope to see much more good movies from Karthick Naren and let Tamil audience award a Welcome bouquet to him in the form of Success.

D16 would definitely set a Trend in Tamil Film Industry, If, I am not wrong, and this Movie has definitely proved songs are not needed for Movies anymore and Tamil audience are likely to appreciate it and accept it.

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