Saithan Review -An Unimpressive Devil

Spoiler Alert

When the Movie’s 10 minutes video was released it was very impressive and it kindled my curiosity to watch the Movie. I appreciate the efforts of the Editor and Director for that. If, you ask me, Did the Movie impress me the way the Trailer did? It’s a big No.

From various sources and also during the Audio launch they announced that the movie is inspired from Late Writer Sujatha’s “Aahh..” Novel and I being a happiest person started reading the novel which was the biggest mistake I did. I should have waited, watched the movie and then read the book but, you know, umm that’s a bad decision I took.


First half of the movie was really fast and when they revealed Who Jayalakshmi was I was in a shock. In 1st half they went ahead with the book Aahh.. and the worst part was that the director should have based this Movie completely on the book or they should have tried to find answers for the missing threads from the book they didn’t do either of them which was a big turn-off.

Director tried to fit the Characters and names to the trend of current audience but they missed to rename the Tamizh vaathiyar which in book was a Sanskrit pandit. Sharma is the name which didn’t go well with the character’s role or the job in the movie (Maybe I am over thinking, but personally ,name plays a major role in identifying that character). Secondly, they tried to prove Sharma’s acts as innocence and portrayed him as a good man and painted Jayalakshmi as the evil female, were in the book the Author have portrayed just the characters and didn’t frame them as Protagonist or antagonist. Both the parties had their own share of good and bad. The worst and the biggest issue I found in the movie was that they tried to find an answer for those voices in the head, but again they left the movie with open ends and logical loopholes about Jayalakshmi’s boyfriend (Kallakaadhalan).

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Even though I was disappointed with the Movie, I would have appreciated the director, If, he would have found a solution for voices of the Protagonist’s head on his own, but they literally ripped off most of the 2nd half of the Movie from Scarlett Johansson starrer Lucy. C’mon directors when are you going to start think on your own? If, you can’t and ripping-of some scenes from another movie have a courtesy to at least credit the Writer of the original.

Vijay Antony have improved his acting skills and we could find innumerable improvement in his acting from his first movie to this. Unlike G.V.Prakash Kumar’s, Vijay Antony’s music did not downgrade, but improved very much for good, especially that spine-chilling Jayalakshmiiii theme. Arundathi Nair did justice to her role as lead lady of the movie. Some of the eerie and unimaginative camera angles added different flavour to the Movie. Pradeep Krishnamoorthy as a debutant director did a decent job except for the poor script-writing and not fixing the logical loop holes.

Overall I was very much disappointed with the Movie but my friends who accompanied me enjoyed the Movie and they rated it way higher than normal but I wouldn’t and I couldn’t. A one time watch, just for the few entertaining elements and the eerie experience.

Happy Watching..:)

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