CBC VIBGYOR Blogtag 2 – Red

This post is part of the Chennai Bloggers Club‘s CBC VIBGYOR BLOG TAG 2 where
some of us will write a post on the colours of VIBGYOR each day
starting 1st of May to the 7th of May, 2020.

The Color Red denotes Love, Power, Passion, Violence, Danger, and Anger. Why am I mentioning this? We’ll get there in a bit. Again for this blog post, I’m going to write about movies. I know you might have got bored with my Movie references but when I decided to participate in this VIBGYOR Blog Tag, I was ready to write about the Color Red with the topic instantly on my head.


Image Source: https://scroll.in/reel/898196/everybody-loves-the-camerawork-in-tumbbad-pankaj-kumar-tells-us-how-the-film-was-shot

Tumbbad is a rainy Village where it rains every day throughout the year and the reason being a family built a shrine of a cursed god?! (Monster) because he was greedy to take all the gold and food from her mother who is the God of Prosperity and the Earth is her womb. Hastar and his gold are cursed because of his greed. In the above picture, you can see a scene where a person enters into the Womb of the god.

Tumbbad is a fantastical movie where the directors created folklore to tell a story which is a rarity. We are good at re-writing but our imagination of writing folklore from the existing Mythology is really a rarity and thus I loved this movie.

So, back to the Color Red, it was used almost in all scenes in the movie whenever men in this universe are in lust, greed, passion, or love. So, the set design of the womb is red because we might think it as a literal womb of the God of prosperity but it can also be seen as a place of Greed and Danger.

The lead in the movie somehow finds the womb because it is said that Hastar carries a lot of gold with him, In order to take the gold, they offer food. Since Hastar couldn’t get his hands on the food he is greedy of that. While Hastar is busy eating the food our lead takes the gold from and escapes the place. The womb actually denotes the greed of two, one’s greed for food and the other’s greed for gold.

Whenever the movie makers use color they use it in such a way to convey the story, a metaphor. The metaphors I mentioned above are used in general but there are movies which use the same colors in a different styles to convey a story through placing it in important scenes or by making their primary characters wear the dress of that color. +

Thus comes the end of the CBC VIBGYOR Blogtag 2. I’m really not sure how much you liked these posts and if you have also noticed such colors in a movie what kind of emotion did it evoke in you? Do share it in the comments section.

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The website looks neat Pratip. Great post as well.

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Oh a new site! Congrats, Pratip. And this link up sounds fun!

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