CBC VIBGYOR Blog tag 2 – Indigo

This post is part of the Chennai Bloggers Club‘s CBC VIBGYOR BLOG TAG 2 where
some of us will write a post on the colours of VIBGYOR each day
starting 1st of May to the 7th of May, 2020.

A lazy Friday afternoon, I was having my lunch at Azhwarpet Sangeetha Hotel after back hurting bike ride of the morning fieldwork. I received a call from my parents inquiring about the picture of the girl they sent me a week ago. I was not a believer in this arranged marriage setup, I tried explaining that to my parent umpteen number of times but they never paid heed to me.

I was nearing the end of 28 years and my mom was all sad that nothing prospered so far, she is building pressure in herself that I was not married yet and it didn’t take so much time for my sister to get married because finding a bride was tougher than finding a groom in the Marriage market. Yeah! Its a market, no doubt.

So, I’ve asked them what so urgent? Anyways most of the girls’ parents are having ridiculous conditions which a 28 year old guy couldn’t fulfill but they somehow do that. My mom cut me short and asked me to book a room in Villupuram the next day and asked me to reach the town by noon. Well, you can’t deny your mom’s orders can you? I obliged.

As I mentioned before I wasn’t for this arranged marriage thing and I really don’t believe in that. I believe in understanding the person and getting into a marriage agreement with them. I was prepared to get rejected and this was not going to be the first time. After the religious Bride paarkum padalam, I was nudging my mom asking her that I need to talk to the girl.

My mom took me to a corner and asked me if I liked the girl, I was like What? I didn’t even talk to her and god forbid I didn’t even see her face properly and how do you want me to answer this question without doing any of this? Well, I got a sharp frown from my mom when I blurted this. As usual I lied her telling that I liked this girl and now will you inform her parents that I want to talk?

Finally, her parents didn’t hesitate and looks like they are prepared too. Umm! So, unlike what they show in movies we weren’t accompanied by some vaandus to a coffee shop but we were let in a separate room with a guard in the front door. (Ofcourse). I was telling her everything about me, my hobbies and every other thing but she was all silent. I was not sure if she will even open her mouth to talk, I understand the shyness and all but this is too much shyness.

I stopped talking and posed few open generic questions to make her speak and all I got was blank look. I had the last weapon which I was sure would open any women’s mouth. I asked her “What do you expect in me?” and all she said was “I don’t want you to be strict” that’s all we spoke. For every 5 minutes the guard (Her aunt) kept peeping and it was kinda annoying and she didn’t speak at all. As usual I informed my mom that I liked the girl and it was a medical miracle that the bride and the bride’s parents are liked me and my family.

When asked about the colour Indigo, I remember this picture, which was taken when both our families mutually agreed to unite us in a marriage.

I know we both look funny 😛 and damn! I couldn’t stop laughing seeing this picture. Ironically, as much I spoke a lot during this day and she blurted few words but now its just the opposite which I foresaw and I was prepared to face it :P. Not in a bad sense at all, we are still trying to understand each other and grow the bond more.

P.S: There are few fictitious incident mentioned in this story along with the actual events 😀

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May 5, 2020 at 6:06 pm

This must be a lovely memory . . . I like your take on these colour posts. You should blog more often for you are a wonderful story teller. Perhaps one day your kid would read this post and chuckle.

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