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Book Review: The Journey to Wow: The path to outstanding Customer Experience and Loyalty

Note: I received a free copy of this e-book through Booktasters in return for an honest review.

In the present world of Consumerism, we are spoilt for options, each of us has different preferences in choosing a Brand or a product, even though brands come up with various marketing initiatives to attract the Consumers ultimately their Customer experience decides if we would stay with that brand or not? A bad Customer Experience would make us stay away from that brand or we would think many times to choose a product from that brand. Why do you think Customer Experience plays a major role for any brand? The Journey to Wow: The path to outstanding Customer Experience and Loyalty is an interesting book that tells how to Wow the customers, in a different fashion.

Author: Shaun Belding
Language: English
No. of Pages: 237
Format: eBook
Genre: Business

The Journey to Wow introduces us to Household Solutions, one of the leading Household appliances companies, and to Cameron an Engineer, who is promoted as a Chief Customer Experience Officer. Cameron takes us along with him on his journey to learn all about Customer Experience. I have read quite a few business books but none of them were written in a fictional setup. The author keeps us hooked without boring us even an ounce due to this narrative.

I’ve worked as a Customer Support person during the start of my career and I thought I know how a Good Customer experience should be, I have first-hand knowledge on this but have never been on the implementing side of it. While reading this book, I had this thought and somehow the Author must have come across similar experiences I guess, he knocked me on my head with this quote.

“Customer experience and customer service are all too often taken for granted. People think that just because they recognize a good customer experience when they see it, they understand how to deliver it in their own organization.

It is quite true in many senses I must say. We all take it for granted and honestly, providing Customer experience doesn’t have a blanket blueprint. It varies from Industry to Industry and even company to company. The author cleverly points out through Cameron’s Journey that companies focus more on providing Customer service which suits them but not what a customer wants.

For every organization, it is easy to change processes, policies, practices but not people. It is important that Organizations right from the C-Level to the executives should be aligned to provide a delightful customer experience. It is important that the organizations should inculcate the importance of a great customer experience, it must not just be in words but they should be creating an environment for employees to change and grow since they are the in the front-lines being the face of an Organization.

Some key points which the author puts forth for organizations to practice:

  1. Plant the right seed – Often Leaders expect certain outcomes from people but they fail to communicate their expectations. So, first, communicate right, set the right expectations, and hire the right people for the right role.
  2. Help things grow – Sharing the vision and expectations are not enough but the leaders must help the team grow, there must be help to execute their vision consistently. Most importantly the availability of physical and intellectual tools must be available for continuous improvement.
  3. Track Progress – To create consistency, the leaders must know where the team is. If they aren’t aware of the current progress how will they improve it? So, tracking the progress will help them better it.
  4. Don’t allow weeds to grow – Weeds are attitudes and behaviors of people working around us. People with a negative attitude suck the positivity and productive mindset. Those things must be addressed immediately. If not addressed on time, there might be a lot of implications throughout the Organisation.
  5. Provide Sunshine – It is important that people in the organization need the energy as the leaders who are passionate. If the leaders are visibly and demonstrably passionate that will reflect on the employees as well.

I really learned a lot from this book, it is easy to learn how to be a great Customer-centric organization but it is hard to learn how not to be one. There is an abundance of examples in this book and I highly recommend everyone to read this book. If you are an aspiring Entrepreneur or already an Entrepreneur, I’m sure this book will have lots of insights on how Customer-focused companies should function and give that wow experience and make them their Loyal customers.

What do you think is a Good Customer Experience? Have you ever had an amazing customer experience that you would want to have again? Do share in the comments and let’s discuss there.

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