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Book Review – Junga Book Series

Note: I received a free copy of this e-book through Booktasters in return for an honest review.

Children’s books are fascinating and the respect I have for the authors who write them is humongous. The Authors should become children, go into their world, and speak their language, it is one of the toughest tasks to Write for Children. Along those lines, I started reading Children’s literature recently to identify books that I can read for my 3 years old or entice him to get into reading.

Author: Stephen Tako Language: English No. of Pages: 36 each Format: eBook Genre: Children’s Comics

Junga the Dancing Yeti and Junga the Dancing Yeti meets Heidi are books written by Stephen Tako and are about Anti-bullying. Apart from this main theme, there are a few other things the books deal with like treating others with respect, allowing elders to enjoy some alone time, etc.,

Junga is a Yeti, he and his family live in a snow-filled mountain. Unlike his siblings and other family members who can bear cold, Junga dances to keep him warm. He wanted to move to a mountain that is less cold where his grandmother accompanies him. On moving to the new place Junga and his grandmother face challenges and how they overcame them forms the crux of the first book.

In the second book, Junga and his Grandmother lives happily in the new mountain where he meets Heidi, a human kid by accident. How they became friends and fought a challenge together forms the crux of the second book.

As I pointed out initially, anti-bullying is at the heart of these books and the author did justice to what he claims. The best part about these books is that they are Comics that kids love and the story is simple which fits right into their palette. One quality I liked about the lead character is that he treats everyone with respect and gold at heart. Usually, kids are such that they don’t wish to harm others but the society around them decides who they become. I’m glad that the author understands this nuance and deals with the characters very well.

I’d highly recommend everyone with kids to read this book and read this book to your kids. Let them grow to a better tomorrow and create a better tomorrow.

Happy Reading ?

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