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A to Z Blogging Challenge | I for Ice and Invisible Kid



Tora aka Ice, the member of a race of magical Ice people from Norway. When Doctor Rod discovered about them, he introduced Ice to Global Guardians team. Tora is a reserved and a compassionate Superheroine who is often associated with Fire (Her partner with whom she fights crime with)

Her powers include projecting various forms of ice and snow from her hand, she is an accomplished hand to hand combatant, she can also control the weather to a degree. There are no specific reading recommendations, but you can check out Justice League Europe edition for a better understanding.

Invisible Kid

Invisible Kid

Lyle Norg aka Invisible Kid is a member of Legion of Superheroes of the 30th and 31st Century. Lyle is a prodigy in Chemistry and created a serum which enables him to disappear at will. That serum also grants him the power to fly. Well, don’t ask me how it’s a comic book yo!

Some Reading Recommendation for you:

Legion of Superheroes by Mark Waid

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