A to Z Challenge - 2018

A to Z Blogging Challenge 2018 – R for Ray Palmer and others

Ray Palmer

Ray Palmer, an atomic scientist and a genius was working on shrinking objects using White dwarf star matter. While he was on a wilderness experiment got trapped in a cave. At that moment he was not sure how this White dwarf star matter would work, he identified a solution with a help of a lens, if focused in a correct way he was able to shrink the objects. He used that technique, shrinked himself and escaped the situation. He then went to become a Superhero, where he included the shrinking mechanism in his belt and thus the Atom was born. A fun trivia: Many think Ant-Man comics was first published but Atom was published in Showcase #34 which was released in October 1961.

Atom is one of the primary member of Justice League of America and he went on to become one of the prominent members in every incarnations of Justice League of America. He, unfortunately had very few solo runs but he was mostly seen the Justice League of America (JLA) comics rather than his own series along with his best friend Hawkman.

In one the heart breaking incidents Ray Palmer was distraught and wanted to leave this world. So, when he shrinked and was wandering the microverse he came across a being which informed him about the Multiverse, he then found that he can travel to different universes from a Quantum level. Does, this sound familiar? (If you found the answer, do write in comments section :P)

Power and abilities

Size Manipulation – He can alter his size at his will. With this capability of shrinking he can also travel across multiverse without hassle.

Some Recommendations

  • Justice League: Unlimited (Animated TV Show)
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold
  • CW’s Arrow TV Show
  • CW’s DC Legends of Tomorrow
  • Justice League of America #14 (1962)
  • Atom #7 (1963)


Raven is one the most powerful super heroines of the DC Universe. She is also one of the longest serving members of Teen Titans. There are various stories during the reboots of the character but my favorite is the original. She was born for a human mother and an inter-dimensional demon called Trigon.

She was kept away from her father in a distant planet called Azarath and was trained by the godess Azar to control her powers. They kept her in dark about her origin and the dark power his father possess. When Azar dies, she finds out her lineage and goes to Earth, in order to meet her father. When she meets him face to face, she had to struggle between being the demon she inherited from her father or the good nature within her. Finally, she kills her father and holds both evil and goodness in her. She is more of an anti-heroine.

Powers and abilities

Soul – Self/Darkness Manipulation – It is more like a soul projection which is formed as a dark bird. It can be disrupted only through Magic or some powerful sound.
Empathy – She posses the power to sense other’s feelings and also can manipulate them.
Magic, Psionics and Teleportation.

Some Recommendations

  • The New Titans show available on Netflix.
  • Teen Titans TV Show (2003-2006)
  • Justice League Vs Teen Titans (Animated Movie)
  • The New Teen Titans Vol. 1

Rip Hunter

Rip Hunter is the son of Booster Gold and the leading authority in DC Universe’s Time travel. He has been from the Golden Age of comics and his story has been having many versions and in every one of them he is a scientific expert who would invent a way to travel through time. This is one definitive story but his origin is mostly mysterious.

Powers and abilities

He is a normal human but has high level intellect on Technology.
He is skilled at hand-to-hand combat and firearms.

Some Recommendations

  • CW’s DC Legends of Tomorrow
  • Batman: Brave and the Bold (Animated Series)
  • Rip Hunter: Time Master series (Must Read to have a better understanding about him)

I’ll keep posting on my Instagram handle about the upcoming posts and some guessing game until this challenge completes and you can follow me on IG and my handle is @pratipvijayakumar. So, apart from these characters what are your other favorite characters in DC comics whose letter starts with R? Let’s talk in comments.

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