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Mitron Dilliwala – Book Review

Note: This is a review copy I received from the Author and in any way it will not impact my honest review of this work.

Mitron Dilliwala – I know what you guys think reading the title. In the book even the reports laugh when one of the Ministers utter this name. I still couldn’t come to reasoning with this then but now when I ponder over after completing the book, I could sense the metaphor (?) associated with the name.

Title: Mitron Dilliwala
Author: Kamalakannan Durairaju
Language: English
No. of Pages: 93
Format: eBook
Genre: Political Thriller and Sci-fi

The books starts with Kumar and his gang participating in a Nationwide oratory competition and they are forced to face an unlikely situation. On the other hand Hasan, a bio-engineering researcher has some shocking news about “Mitron Dilliwala” which many don’t believe in. Delhi CM was making some desperate moves to contain the smog situation and all of them cross paths in a deadly yet inevitable national situation. What was that? Were they able to tackle the situation? Read this fast paced thriller to know the answers.

For its 93 pages, the book was so fast and I felt like watching a movie, especially it reminded me of Tamil Movie Kappaan in many places except that the book dealt with the subject matter in a much broader and better way. The narration was smooth and flowing. This is the first time I’m reading this Author’s book and he has a lot of potential to become a Bestselling Author.

Some of the gripes I had with this book are:

  • There were too many characters involved in this Novella. If it was a full fledged book, I wouldn’t have minded so many characters. This makes me not to get attached with any of the characters during dire situations they face.
  • The events were also happening fast paced. Not that I’m complaining but reading it with my first point, since the book was short they could have cut some situations or characters and trimmed it more.
  • This book has so much potential but they ended this part abruptly, yes the book promises to come in the second part. I think the Author is testing the waters. Well, let’s hope for more scope and Character developments in the next part of the book.

Some applauds:

  • With the current political scenario, the author decided to add some real-life events into his books for the sense of gravity those issues carry. It is really bold of the Author to do so.
  • I’m not a technical person, but the author has done his due research when it comes to the botanical names (Not sure if I have mentioned it correct).
  • Since, the book was very short I was able to finish it in one sitting. So, that’s a big plus.
  • The book really has a lot of potential which I mentioned before, the events were happening too fast but I didn’t feel the sense of missing something. That’s a big win for an Author this being his second book (The first one being an Apocalyptic Short story).

Verdict: Overall, this book is a very fast read, although there are chances that the events might not stay with us for a long time but it definitely is a very good attempt in writing a Rajesh Kumar-esq novel in English. Do give it a read 🙂

Pro-Tip: The book cover has some clues to a part of the story. Try if you can find that 😛

P.S: The book will be available for free of cost on December 25th and 26th. People, whoever like to buy the book can utilize this opportunity.

Happy Reading 🙂

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