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Post after Months…. Postponed Illuminati for the next post. I would like to share this to my beloved followers and friends. This post is gonna be about my views of India and our people. It striked in my head when i read the Book “TWO STATES” by Chetan Bhagat an Indian Writer.

Well we all know India is a Democratic Country. We are proud that it is the only country in the world which has people speak many languages. Each state has its own language and we can proudly say that no country in this world have such different Atmosphere. India is also a place with different religions and in India 4 religions born Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Others like Christianity and Islam emerged later. Main thing is, India is the only country which has huge number of Communities.

Even though we got these prides, these are the curse for our country too. Language difference. North Indians don’t like South Indians and they talk about racial and color difference. When we come to the Southern part Tamilians don’t like Mallu’s. Kannadigas don’t like Tamilians. In Andhra they request separate state called Telungana. I don’t know what the hell is going on in this Country. If we talk about  racial differences and language differences here comes Religious differences.

Hindus and Muslims always have difference of Opinion and keep fighting around the country. No one can neglect this and everyone knew it. We shall keep aside these Religious issues. These are very rare issues. Major problem is casts in India.

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Does anyone know what for these casts are? I’m still confused why these castes discrimination formed in India. To identify the job of people by their casts? WTF? People use this caste discrimination that they won’t touch some people, they won’t allow low caste people into temples, Low caste people should not use the pond water. Do you think these stuffs are only in Movies?? Not at all. Still we can find most villages follow these caste discrimination.

If we go ask Youngsters now they say I don’t care about caste. But when they wanted to get married they wanna look for a girl from their caste. Is this how we Indian youngsters say they don’t bother about caste? One more incident which no one could forget is the fight between Low caste and High caste students of Dr.Ambedkar Law University Chennai. The fight is because of the Caste discrimination. Law college students are not even ready to give up their Caste discrimination then how about others. Can you ever imagine there are more than 3000 castes only in India? In villages it’s much worse. I’ve saw a scene in a bus stand where a kid was sitting in the seat of a bus stop where a old man was standing not inside the stop and he is standing in the sun. I went to that old man asked why you can’t sit inside the shelter in the Bus stand. Old man replied “I’m a person from low caste and the kid is from high caste and I shouldn’t stand inside or sit in front of him. This is the situation which is happening in the Indian Villages. More over these Political parties rule only with the help of these casts and how could we expect our country to grow. I don’t wanna blame only the government to close this issue. As an Indian each and every citizen should make sure that he or she should not mention the caste name in the application form given by School for his or her kid and it should be blank. This is a Kind request as an Indian citizen.

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Everyone is invited to put forward your arguments. I’m ready to argue with any one with pleasure. Jai Hind!!!!

P.S: Don’t worry about the Quota system for I.I.T or N.I.T.T or I.I.M because person who has a passion for learning will end up in good Institutions even if the Caste column in left blank.

P.S: You may feel my points do not co relate with the topic sure you are invited to point out mistakes.

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