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The Judas Window – Book Review

It has been so long that I have read a Novel from an English Author and my previous books from the English Authors were Children’s books which I read as an adult. Also, I don’t remember reading a Murder mystery for a long time. This book was a “Book of the Month (BOTM)” from one of the Book club groups I am part of in Chennai. I never have completed the BOTM in my life and I was pushing myself to finish the book before the meet but unfortunately I couldn’t. Nevertheless, I finally completed the book and think I should more often complete the BOTM so, that I could add more Authors to my To be read list 😛

Title: The Judas Window
Author: Carter Dickson
Language: English
No. of Pages: 191
Format: eBook
Genre: Mystery

James Answell and Mary Hume are in love for which Mary’s father (Avory Hume) approves of and wants to meet him. Upon this request James Answell goes to meet Mr. Hume in his house. After 30 minutes or so Avory Hume is killed with an Arrow and James Answell is found unconscious in the room where the window shutters are bolted and the room is locked from inside. When the Police arrives, James claims he didn’t kill but in a locked room with only two people inside it was obvious that James was killed but is that the truth? How could have someone died without the other killing? You must read the book which answers these questions.

This is my first locked room mystery novel and Oh! boy, I really loved it. The mystery thread was unveiled through the courtroom conversations and in conversation with Sir Henry Merrivale who tries to help the accused Mr. Answell. The book takes very interesting turns over the period and we are constantly put to the test of guessing the killer but at the end we are for a surprise.

I really loved the way the mystery was woven and makes use of all the characters in the book. I am definitely seeing myself reading more Murder mystery novels in the future. Do give this book a shot and I am sure you will love it.

Happy Reading 🙂

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