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The Ascent of Love – Book Review

Amidst the snowy mountains,the young and beautiful girl (Taara) meets her ex-boyfriend (Vedant). The girl calls herself a feminist and also throws some feminist dialogues in the beginning of the book. After a tiring corporate job she goes on to a trekking school where she meets him. Why did they breakup? What happened between them in the trekking school? Did they fall in love again? The book answers these questions.

Title: The Ascent of Love
Author: Rooparshi
Language: English
No. of Pages: 176
Format: eBook
Genre: Romance
Note: I received this book free of cost and this will no way impact my honest review of this work.

Let me start with the good ones, The story has a great potential and a lot of tweaks has to be made, also the setting was really interesting. A different route I would say. I have read enough Indian Romance novels to say this and this one is no different than trying to be made into a Bollywood movie type. The Author didn’t drag the book which was a saver.

Now to the gripes: The Author really has some interesting questions to ask about gender equality and stuff like that but it didn’t do any good to the story. if Taara is feminist it should have been a character trait and come out in her actions but quoting few issues and don’t even bother to be in that character trait felt more pretentious. I don’t want to divulge into the level of cringe worthy generalizations made in the book. For, the starters, Taara is said to be a studious but she questions herself for choosing a drunkard. Well, if it is a love story there is no need to be a reason. Especially when the leads fall in love during their college days mostly they get smitten by each other which is as simple an explanation as it is.

There was one particular instance where Taara doesn’t score enough grades. She feels ashamed about herself and breakup with Vedant giving some dumb reason. It felt childish and nonsensical. The Author chose wrong places to use her brilliance. When these lovers meet after years in the camp, they fall in love almost at the end of the book with a dramatic sequence where some life threatening sequence was placed . I mean it could have been more natural but again it was pretentious. To top it all, there have been usage of so many Hindi slang in the book, well, we should also ask these authors to stop imposing Hindi through English books to us.

Overall, this book is simply a Karan Johar’s story with a rich brat (Cry baby) and a studious Introvert girl fall in love – Breakup – Fall in love when they were about to die – escape that life and death situation – then live happily every after Bollywood formula except there were no songs. Please dear Authors, have some creativity, be more mature with your characters and most important of all give your book to a good editor, they will make your book better and will you push your boundaries to write better.

P.S: I know this is your second book dear Author, if the book is as much as your baby then readers like me take time to read the book, please don’t give us mediocre books. Our life is too precious to waste on a bad book.

Verdict: I did not like the book but there are people who really enjoyed this book. So, please don’t go by my review alone.

Happy Reading 🙂

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