Book Review: The Journey to Wow: The path to outstanding Customer Experience and Loyalty

In the present world of Consumerism, we are spoilt for options, each of us has different preferences in choosing a Brand or a product, even though brands come up with various marketing initiatives to attract the Consumers ultimately their Customer experience decides if we would stay with that brand or not? A bad Customer Experience would make us stay away from that brand or we would think many times to choose a product from that brand. Why do you think Customer Experience plays a major role for any brand?

Being Dwight Schrute

Of all the characters Dwight. K. Schrute is one of those formidable characters I would remember forever in the days to come. During the initial days of the show, he came around as an annoying person just like his boss Michael Scott, who is stringent for rules but over the course of 9 Seasons, there were numerous lessons he taught us for life…

Introducing Hinduism: A Graphic Guide – Review

Hinduism is said to be the third most popular Religion by the population, yet there is no definite single religious text or a single god. Hinduism is home to so many gods and religious texts. This book Introduces Hinduism to everyone in a very simple manner.

Favorite Podcasts – 2020

One of the best things that happened in 2020 was the rise of the Podcasting scene in India. People know about Podcasts and may even listen to them, but as far as the creators India is still in its nascent stage. With Covid on the rise and many were stuck at home, people starting finding new hobbies. Podcasting gave solace to many because

2020 – Year in Review and setting expectations for 2021

we are on the last day of the year and I know how bad the year has been for many. Fortunately, apart from me losing my regular job 2020 was kind to me in many aspects. This year I finally got to spend time with my wife and kid who were away for a long time.

Soul – Movie Review: An interestingly personal film

What drives humans? Passion or Purpose? The new Pixar film tries to answer this question or is it? We, humans, are designed with flaws, we run towards building our lives and find meaning in it, inherently or on purpose. A Japanese concept called Ikigai is so famous right now which means